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It will be sold at auction at a lower price than the dealer will sell it for.

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Q: How much will a finance company sell a HD motorcyle for after repossession and where will they sell it?
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Can a leasing company consider it a repossession if you turn a leased car in early?

Yes when a leasing company regains control of an asset it is still considered a Repossession repossession is much easier in a lease agreement than it is in a finance agreement due to the fact that the asset is owned by the leasing company, in a finance agreement you control ownership and the bank only holds security in the asset.

What are NY automobile repossession fees?

As much as the repossession company charges. These are private companies with the latitude to set their own fees.

How much does a jetski weigh?

About as much as a Motorcyle. the engines are similar.

How much does a repossession agent make?

How much do repossession agents commonly make?

How much is the storage fee a day for repo?

Fees vary from lot to lot and repossession company to repossession company. I have seen daily rates as low as $10.00 and as high as $150.00. Your best bet is to get the matter resolved as soon as possible and redeem your vehicle.

Can you cash a check written to you by your insurance company for a car that was totaled but still has remaining payments on it to a finance company?

Sure you can, but you're still responsible for paying off the loan to the finance company. If the check will cover the pay-off, give it to the finance company. If it doesn't, give it to them, anyway. It'll reduce your debt by that much.

How much time does a company have to pick up equipment after they are granted a relief from stay?

Repossession actions are governed by state statues.

How much is a Kellybluebook 2004 Honda 70 motorcyle worth?


Where are the headquarters of the company Finance Credit?

Finance Credit is a company that no longer operates, having gone bankrupt in 2002. There was much scandal over their closure, due to a criminal investigation into siphoning funds. The founders of the company are currently serving prison time, in Norway, where the company originated.

If you have a repossession on your car how can you get a car loan?

You can get a car loan, but will have to put down a very hefty down payment - sometimes as much as 50% of the value of the car. Small finance companies are more likely to help you out with that, but will charge you the maximum allowable finance charge (usually 29%).

Monique's previous credit card balance is 199.26 and she has a monthly finance charge of 1.5 How much will the credit card company assess in finance charges on this balance?


How much of the payments prior to repossession is allowed to go toward interest?

Get a hold of a lawyer, because I was told by my friend going through this situation, that His lawyer told him that NO debt once it has gone to repossesion (once that car has been resold), or collection beyond the finance company is allowed to still accrue late payments or interest.

How do you survive in software company without knowing much technical things?

yes, if you go into accounts , finance etc...

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How do you get your car back legally from the people who bought it?

It depends on what you mean. Do you mean from someone (a third party) who purchased your car from the finance company after the finance company repossessed it from you? If so, there's not really too much you can do other than find the person and make them and offer.

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Pretty much every company would use that os if it has to deal in finance.

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What can be done about items taken from a vehicle by a repossession company?

Not much. Nearly impossible to prove and so many make claims of stolen items, and no one ever believes them.

What are the questions on a motorcyle driving test?

How much pressure do you apply to the brakes? How should you change your driving in rain?

Can your car loan increase if sold to another finance company?

Absolutely ! The new company can pretty much charge what they like in interest on the outstanding balance - meaning your debt will be more..

How much do you have to pay a month for the Evo?

Talk to your bank or finance company, it'll vary dramatically depending on your terms and credit rating :/

How much is insurance for a motorcyle for a 30 year old in Florida?

Too many variables, call and ask your agent!

Is there any advantage to voluntary repossession as opposed to not making payments and letting the finance company come get the car?

MONEY, any additional money the lender spends to get the car back will be charged to the acct. Any late fees,att. fees, ect. will be the same. IF you can find a buyer yourself, you will save TONS of money. You can sell it for much more than it will bring at auction.

What is considered an illegal repossession?

Repossession laws vary from state to state. States also have different provisions for different types of property. You would need to be more specific about the circumstances, the property and the state where the repossession would take place. Your question should be reformed to ask, "Is a repossession under the following circumstances legal"? Asking what is considered an illegal repossession is much too broad a question.

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