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5-20-11>> It's Miss Liberty on the coin not a "Princess" and the coin is called a Peace dollar. 1922 is the most common date for Peace dollars, most are valued only for the silver about $30.00

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1950 silver dollar worth?

There was no US silver dollar minted in 1950. If you mean a half dollar, it would be worth at least its value in silver which as of writing is about $7.70 but it would be worth more in better condition. As with all old coins, cleaning harms the value.

How much would an 1929 half dollar silver coin be worth?

Approximately how much is a 1929 silver dollar

How much is a 1972 silver dollar worth today?

This would be the 1972 Silver Eisenhower dollar variety from the San Francisco Mint. In uncirculated condition, it would be worth about $8 and if you have a Proof coin, it would be worth about $9.30.

How much are the American 1980 silver dollar worth?

1980 would make it a Susan B. Anthony dollar, and it's still worth one dollar.

What would be the value of 1776-1976 silver dollar?

The 1776-1976 Eisenhower Dollar is just worth a dollar.

How much is 1886 silver dollar worth?

It would depend on condition and mint mark if you wanted to know what the collectors value would be. I can tell you this. Just the silver in that dollar alone is worth $27.06 as of July 5, 2011.

What would be the value of 1776 1976 silver dollar?

It's a common coin, still worth one dollar.

How much is the 1942 liberty half dollar worth?

Just for its silver content alone it would be worth about $10.40.

What is the value of the Statue of Liberty Centennial Collection silver dollar?

The 1986 Statue of Liberty silver dollar contains 0.77 ounce of silver. Multiply the value of an ounce of silver by .77 and you will get an approximate value of the silver dollar. (At a silver price of $24.60, the coin would be worth about $18.94)

What is the value of a 2002 US Silver Eagle dollar?

A 2002 silver eagle is worth whatever one ounce of silver is worth. At the time of writing, an ounce of silver is worth about $22 and a silver eagle would be worth the same. However, silver fluctuates in price on a minute to minute basis.

How much would a 1999 1 oz fine silver dollar be worth?

One ounce of fine silver right now is worth about $42-$44.

What is 1974 silver penny worth?

The U.S. never struck a silver cent. It would be worth more than a dollar! Your coin is an ordinary penny that was plated, and is worth only a penny.

What is the value of a replica 1996 half pound silver dollar?

In 1996, a half pound silver dollar was circulated. The actual silver dollar is worth around 250 to 300 dollars, because it is around 99 percent silver. A replica of this coin is only worth the amount of silver that it is made with, which would likely be just a few dollars at most.

How much would an 1986 Liberty silver one dollar coin be worth?

That's a one ounce silver round. At present (7 July 2012), silver is worth $27.06/ounce.

What is a morgan 1878 silver dollar worth?

I would say it is according to what someone is willing to pay you for it.

How do you determine value of 1900 US silver dollar?

You'd have to ask a collector. But if you want to know what the silver in that dollar is worth you can look that up at a gold buyers website. I used P3M Refining. http://www.p3mrefining.com/estimator.php All you have to do is enter the current silver price which is shown on that page, select 'silver dollar' and enter the face value. That would of course be 1 for one silver dollar. I just did that for convinience. At the current silver price your silver dollar is worth 8.61USD. Well actually its worth about 12USD. But every coin or gold buyer keeps a percentage to himself.

What would a 1959 Lincoln silver penny be worth in 10 years?

Nothing, none were made. Your coin is plated. It would be "cents-less" to make a penny out of silver because it would be worth more than a dollar.

What is a 1797 silver dollar in MS-60 condition worth?

In an uncirculated condition, this type would be worth around $90,000.

How much is a dollar in United States Money to Balboa Money?

The Balboa is the same as the US dollar. We know that US silver dollars is worth more as the Panama silver Palboa. In Panama the currency is US but there are Balboa dollar coins. Also, the silver coins in Panama are the same size as the US coins and would be worth more as the US silver coins.

1948 Canadian silver dollar it is uncirculated with certification value?

A 1948 uncirculated silver dollar that has benn certified uncirculated depending on grade would be worth 2000 dollars and up

How much is a 1971 US silver dollar worth in 2006?

A 1971 Eisenhower in circulated condition is worth about $1.10 A nice UNC one is worth about $2.00 They simply made too many millions of these to be valuable. Those prices are correct for a 1971 Clad dollar, The question asked about the 1971 Silver Dollar. The 40% Silver Dollar coin was sold to collectors directly from the US Mint and would be worth about 7-10 dollars today.

Value of 1951 Canadian silver dollar?

The intrinsic value of a 1951 Canadian silver dollar would be limited to the value of the silver it contains on the day of sale. However, a 1951 dollar in MS or fine condition can be worth as much as 500 dollars to a collector.

What is a Dallas Cowboys silver dollar worth?

Depends, there is no coin minted by the US Mint with the Dallas Cowboys on it so its not going to be a collectible to coin collectors. But, your coin may be made out of real silver and so it would be worth the metallic value. Of course, if your coin is something like silver plated copper it is only worth a few cents, but if its silver dollar sized and made out of pure or sterling silver it is worth nearly $20 in silver scrap.

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