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Every 6 months you should take the Red Eared Slider Turtle to the vet

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No need to care for it. There are already enough red eared sliders in the world.

Fresh what if you have salt water they might die

Red-eared slider turtles usually can only breed successfully if they have hibernated before, and turtles kept in tanks rarely hibernate. There is a miniscual chance your turtles will breed if they have not hibernated.

All turtles need to have mated in order to lay eggs, unlike birds who will lay infertile eggs, turtles won't.

For one red eared slider a 20 gallon tank and up is required.You can start doubling housing at around 60 gallons.

Yes, baby red eared sliders need the heating light on all of the time, as well as a UVA/UVB during the day.

A baby red eared slider needs as much as two of its shells sideways.

these turtles live in fresh water ......... n they cam b messy .... so need a frequent water change...... may b a couple of days without a filter

Actually, both are really good pets. You just need a proper set-up for the turtle. ( Whether it be a Map Turtle or a Snapping Turtle.)

No not reaslly but it would help if they were a male a nd female. Don't forget that if u want another slider you need to take more care of them in general.

You would care for a yellow bellied slider the same way that you would care for a red eared slider. Feed them at least once a day. Clean their tank often. Provide a heater in the winter. Just look at how you would care for a turtle. The breed yellow bellied sliders does not need any special care.

Yes, but only as a treat. Turtles need a varied diet, and Red Eared Sliders move to a more plant based diet as they grow. Giving them too much protein can cause odd shell growth, and eventual deformation.

Red-eared sliders don't need to stay with their mothers past egg stage.

Daily is fine, or even every other day. Younger turtles should be fed more often than older ones. they can go a couple days without food and be fine, since they don't need all that energy to make body heat.

As much as possible, atleast 10 gallons.

no,You need both uva and uvb light

One red eared slider will require a 20 gallon tank at the can start putting more sliders in at about 60gallons.

They will, but go to website"Red eared Sliders as pets, there you will find all you need to know about these turtles as pets.

It's got a respiratory infection. You need to get it to a herp vet, fast.

Wild red eared sliders live about 20 years. Red eared sliders that live in an aquarium (that has a filter and a heater) can live up to 85 years. You always need to have a light for any aquarium turtle to rest in the "sun" or your turtle will not be that happy... I have one and is eight years so Turt has a long way to go.

In the wild, baby red-eared slider turtles are more carnivorous than their adult counterparts. They need animal protein, so they feed on invertebrates such as earthworms, crickets,, aquatic snails, bloodworms, shrimp, krill and mealworms. In captivity, this need for animal protein can be met by these foods, or even fish foods which contain these items, while commercial pellets will also offer them the nutrients they need. Vegetation should be introduced while the turtle is young, even though it may not initially eat it, as it will make the transition to a herbivorous diet easier later on.

No they need sun to survive because there shell and scine will get MST

if it stays on dry land and if its a water turtle.u will need to take it back.And get a dumb one

No, but their happier with it and without it they don't grow to much.

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