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Generally, you will find most front disc brake pads last about 25,000-30,000 miles if they are serviced right. However there are many factors that can add or subtract from this. The factors include weight of vehicle, city or highwaty driving, driving habits, if rear brakes are kept in adjustment, If the brakes were installed correctly. I have seen some go 70,000 miles and some go 10,000 miles. On the rear if you have disc brakes it really varies due to the many different styles. Rear drum brakes however typically go about 70,000 miles but again vary with factors. Keep in mind brakes are a system and there is more to them than just the linings. Also don't go to a chain brake shop, as an independent repair shop will do a much better job. Most chains need to do a volume of business to keep corporate happy, not to mention most techs of the chains are paid on commission. Whose wallet do you think they want to keep full?

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Q: How often do you need to get car brakes changed?
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Can abs brakes be installed in a car that does not have abs brakes?

Yes, but the entire braking system would need changed. It would be easier and cheaper to buy a car with ABS.

How do I know when it's time to change the brakes on my car?

You should bring your car in to a shop or a place like auto zone etc. They will inform you on the condition of your brakes and when they need to be changed out.

Do you know of a place where I can get my breaks replaced?

You will be pleasantly surprised to find that you can change your car's disc ... could either be disc or drum brakes), so they need to be changed more often.

What breaks often but is made out of metal?

Car brakes.

Do you need new brakes when your car pulls to the backend when you stop?

yes, i need new brakes

Do you need brakes for a car?

If you want to stop you do.

Installation and cost of brakes?

Brakes are expensive if you need all new brakes. Expect to pay in the hundreds. Depending on your car and how many brakes need servicing.

What are signs that you should service your brakes?

Often the first sign that the brakes need to be checked is when the check brakes light comes on. Another indication is the car taking too long to slow down. Brake failure is often accompanied by a high-pitched squeal, as well.

What is wrong with the brakes if a car won't come to a complete stop after firmly pressing the brakes?

brakes need replaced

What could be wrong with the car when you hear a screeching sound from the back?

It could be your brakes. Your brake pads need to be changed out every couple of years or so.

How do you check the brakes on a car?

if you need to ask, then get a garage to do it.

How difficult is it to change brakes on a car?

If you are a good auto repair mechanic, then you can change the brakes on your car. I wouldn't recommend changing brakes on a vehicle because they can be very complicated and if they are not changed properly you can cause a serious accident.

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