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How often does the US Congress meet?

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Congress MeetingsCongress has to meet at least twice in their two year term, at least once a year.

Article I, Section IV of the Constitution states that Congress meets once a year in December; however, transportation technology has advanced so that they are able to meet more than one time per year if necessary.

The 20th Amendment, Section II of the Constitution changes the meeting date to the 3rd of January, and allows the same frequency of meetings as stated prior.
Congress is only required to have one session per year, and the length can be whatever is decided by Congress itself. Each new Congress begins on or after January 3. They are required to meet every other year

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How often does the legislature meet?

US Congress meets every year. Each state is different.

Why does us congress meet?

Congress is the opposite of Progress...

Where does the US Congress meet?

The Congress meets in Washington D.C.

When did the first US congress meet?

The first US Congress met from 1789-1791.

What time does the US Congress meet?

US Congress meets in the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.

When does the US Congress meet?

Congress meets on January 3rd of every year.

How often must the congress meet?

At least once every year.

Does the US congress meet in one place?

Yes, they do. They meet in the capital building. The members do have offices in other buildings.

How often must a congress meet according to the constitution?

It depends which countries constitution you are referring to.

How often does the President meet with Congress?

It has become customary for the President to meet once a year with Congress in order to give his state of the union address. President may also make special addresses to Congress on occasion. The president also meets with the leaders of Congress as needed.

Where Do US Congress meet at?

At the United States Capitol Building in Washington D.C.

Is Capitol Hill is where the US Congress meets?

they meet at somewhere that you where born and where you will die.

What are the two houses of congress called when they are together?

It is called a joint session when the two houses of the US congress meet together.

In what city does the US national legislature meet?

The national legislature, the US Congress, meets at the US capitol in Washington, DC.

Where does congres meet?

Im assuming you mean the US Congress, which meets in the US Capitol Building in Washington DC

Why did congress choose to meet in philadelphia?

The Continental Congress chose to meet in the city of Philadelphia because at the time, it was the US capital. Their first meeting began on September 5, 1774 at Carpenter's Hall.

What is a sentence using the word congress?

The US Congress is the legislative branch of the government.Citizens were unhappy with how Congress could not agree on major issues.Members of Congress often serve on committees.

Where does congress meet-?

Congress meets in Washington, D.C. When they meet they are all together in the Capitol building.

Where does congress meat?

Congress meet in Washington DC.

Who meets in the US captiol building?

The Senate and the House of Representatives meet in the US Capitol building. Congress also meets in the US Capitol building.

When does congress meet?

They meet on the first Monday in December.

What building does the US Congress meet in?

The US congress meets in the Capitol Building. They have been meeting there for over two centuries now. The Capitol Building was originally built when Congress signed a petition to have it built. Apparently they were tired of meeting in basements.

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