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How often must transmission fluid be replaced in Volvo v70 Xc 2001 Model?

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The fluid for most automatic transmissions and in some cases manual transmissions recommend a fluid exchange of at least every 30,000 miles.

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What makes 2002 Volvo S40 RPMs surge uncontrollably over 3000 RPM's when warm?

I found that a mechanic that used non Volvo transmission fluid caused this problem in my 2002. Once it was replaced with genuine Volvo transmission fluid it stopped surging.

What does it mean when the vehicle S70 Volvo leaks transmission fluid?

that the seal around the pan is comprimised or the transmission seal is comprimised and either one has to be replaced

Where do you put transmission fluid in a Volvo 850?

The transmission fluid on a Volvo 850 is added to the filler tube. This is accessed by removing the dipstick and inserting a funnel.

When to do you service transmission on Volvo s60?

Volvo says that their automatic transmission has a lifetime fluid that does not need to be changed. On the other hand, most experts recommend replacing the transmission fluid every 30,000 miles to extend transmission life and prevent premature transmission failure.

Where do you check automatic transmission fluid level in a 2002 Volvo s 60?

It's a sealed transmission. You'll have to take it to a Volvo dealership.

How often change oil transmission for Volvo s 60 and what kind oil use?

Volvo tries to charge and arm and a leg and a pinky for their Volvo Transmission Fluid. The fluid is the same as Mobile 3309 transmission fluid. You can also use Toyota's T4 fluid as well. Both cost a FRACTION of the cost of what Volvo charges. And on top of this, I spoke with a transmission place, and they told me that a standard $80 fluid change is all that's needed and that you don't even need any "special" transmission fluid. This latter point is on you to decide. Speak with a transmission specialist and also research with Google about the Mobile 3309, you'll see.

Where is the transmission fluid?

The transmission fluid is inside of your transmission if you are looking for the dip stick in Volvo its underthe hood hiding next to the block twords the back of the vehicles

How do you change transmission fluid on2004 Volvo s40?

What is generally the least expensive but acceptable transmission fluid(gear box) for a 2001Volvo s40T3

What is 1998 Mitsubishi eclipse transmission fluid?

It's the fluid inside the transmission that lubricates the gears and allows the transmission to function properly. It should be replaced with Diamond SPT III transmission fluid.

How do you add atf for a 1997 Volvo v70?

To add automatic transmission fluid to a 1997 Volvo v70, one must simply find the reservoir for transmission fluid and pour the fluid in the top. To locate the reservoir, one can consult the owners' manual.

When do you change transmission filter on Volvo S60?

The transmission on the s60 has no serviceable filter. What is recommended is to flush the transmission fluid using a good grade synthetic fluid such as Castrol Syngard.

Where do i put the transmission fluid in my 1987 Volvo gle turbo?

in your tranny fluid check tube you will need a funnel

Where do you ad transmission fluid on a Volvo 940?

Transmission fluid is added through the transmission dipstick. Suggest you get a long thin funnel with a small opening in order to fit into the dipstick opening

What is the type of automatic transmission fluid for Volvo 850 1994?

dextron III or IV

Where is the transmission fluid cap in a Volvo?

underhood next to block twords the back of the vehicle

How many quarts of transmission fluid does a 1990 Volvo 740 gl take?


Where is the transmission reservoir located on a Volvo truck 780 2012?

There isn't a reservoir. Fluid goes directly into the transmission housing.

What type transmission fluid should be used?

it depends on the make & model of the transmission.

What type of transmission fluid for a Lincoln town car?

The type of transmission fluid to use should be engraved into your automatic transmission fluid dipstick ( at least it is on the newer model years )

What color should transmission fluid be in a 2003 Hyundai Sonata?

Transmission fluid should be a nice burgundy red color. If it is brown or black, this is a sign of transmission trouble. If the fluid smells burnt, the transmission will probably need replaced.

How do you add transmission fluid to an 86 Volvo with a manual transmission?

You don't. It uses a small amount of transmission grease similar to the grease in the rear end.

How top up transmission fluid on a citroen c2 vtr 2003 model?

You can add transmission fluid, by using a funnel. Place the funnel in the same to of which you check the transmission fluid. Do not over fill the transmission.

Does engine need to running when checking transmission fluid for a 2000 v70 Volvo?

Yes it does. The proper way to check automatic transmission fluid is to check it while engine is at idle.

Where do you add transmission fluid - Volvo 760?

Just pull out the dipstick, feed the tall, narrow transmission fluid funnel into the dipstick tube and top up as required.

Where is the transmission fluid on your Volvo v70?

The transmission fluid dip stick is a yellow cap that is located behind the lower radiator hose. Its hard to find but if you move some of the cables and hoses that are close to the transmission case it will be there.

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