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Q: How old do you have to be to legally run away with your boyfriend?
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How old can you be to legally run away?


Can a 14 year old run away legally in WA?

Of course not!

How do you run away legally?

You can't legally 'run away.' You are either allowed to leave or you are not. If you leave anyway, you can be reported as a run away or a missing person.

When did kat von d run away?

When she was 14 years old, she ran away with her boyfriend James.

Can a sixteen year old run away to her 18 year old boyfriend house in WA and not get in trouble?

No. And not only will you get in trouble, your boyfriend will too.

Can you run away at 17 years old in Kentucky?

No, you can not run away in Kentucky at the age of 17. You can legally leave home in Kentucky at the age of 18.

Can a 16 year old girl drop out of school and run away with her 19 year old boyfriend in Massachusetts?


How do you avoid getting nervous in front of your boyfriend?

you run away. and then get a new boyfriend.

How do you get a away from your boyfriend safely?

run when hes not looking

What will happen if a 17-year-old girl wants to run away and move in with her 19-year-old boyfriend?

Nothing as long as she wants it and takes no action. If she does run away, she can be declared a runaway and the police will return her to her home or place her in a foster home.

Can a 15 year old live with her 17 year old boyfriend even if one of her parent is against it?

well it's illegal until you are seventeen . but if you wanted to run away sure ?

How do people run away and get married legally the girl is 17?

they get married by fake ideas

Your boyfriend run away what you can do?

let him go? or do you want him back... I'm confused!

Can a 16 year old and a 17 year old run away legally in the state of Massachusetts or can their parents do something to bring them back home?

No you can't runaway I believe. You are not considered a true adult to be on your own.

At what age can you legally move out in the UK?

16 but you can run away at any age .I was joking of course ;)

What will happen if you run away from home and live with your bf a 17 in Australia?

If you are 17, live in Australia, run away from home to live with your boyfriend, you can be forced to return home.

Is it legal for a sixteen year old to run away?

In US, a minor (anyone under 18) cannot legally leave home without parental consent unless they have been legally emancipated in some way (court decree, marriage, etc).

What will happen if you run away from home and live with your bf a 17 in Australia-?

If you run away from home and live with your boyfriend and are 17 and live in Australia, you can be forced to go back home.

How can a ten year old girl run away from home?

Hey i wanna run away just like you really badly go on wikihow search how to run away it helps

He is absconding or He is an ascond What is correct?

he is means the person went off or run away to avoid capture legally

If your boyfriend leaves you at home to babysit when you asked him to stay is he worth it?

No. Run, don't walk, away from this "man".

Can a 14 year old run away?

Unless it's an extremely serious situation, such as abuse, then no, it's not a good idea to run away when you're 14 years old.

Can a 16 year old move out of her parents house and in with her 18 year old boyfriend?

A 16 year old girl can not move out of her parents house to go and live with her 18 year old boyfriend, because she is not of age and she is not grown. DSS can and will step in if the parents allow this young lady to move. If she attemps to run away from home and move in DSS will remove her from the home.

How old was Mary Shelley when she run away with her husband?


When did Oprah run away from home?

When she was 13 years old.