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Copy "State of Ohio does not have an emancipation law. Minor or parent is unable to file a legal action to have a minor emancipated or legally on their own and under the age of 18. There are two temporary ways in which a minor can be out of the custody of their parent. Either join any branch of the Armed Forces or marriage. However, if the marriage is dissolved or minor is discharged from the service and still under the age of 18 the custody automatically reverts back to the parent who originally had custody."

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Q: How old does a child have to be in Ohio to get emancipated?
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When is a child considered an adult in Ohio?

17 years old legally. What exactly does being "emancipated" mean in the state of Ohio?

Can a child be emancipated in Ohio if she is 19 years old and has a child. the child is 18 months old?

There is no need for emancipation. She is 18 or older a LEGAL ADULT.

How do I become emancipated in Columbus Ohio?

How old do you have to be to get emancipated in columbus, ohio? And are there any rules? If so what are they?

Can child support stop in Ohio when the 16 year old boy in question becomes a father?

No, you have to pay until he is emancipated.

Your 17 year old has moved out you live in the state Ohio how do you go about getting her emancipated?

{| |- | You cannot do this in Ohio. They do not have an emancipation statute. You have to wait until the child reaches the age of 18. |}

What are the steps for a 16 year old to get emancipated in Columbus Ohio?

Ohio does not have an emancipation statute.

How does a 17 year old girl get emancipated from her home in Ohio?

Emancipation is not available in Ohio.

Can a 15 year old be emancipated in Iowa?

No a 15 year old can not be emancipated in Iowa. A child must be 16 years old in order to be emancipated in Iowa.

What does a 16 year old girl in Ohio do to get emancipated?

Ohio does not allow a minor to petition for emancipation. A minor in Ohio is considered emancipated if they are married or have joined the military, both of which require parental consent.

Can a child who is being beat by his father get emancipated from his parents in ohio?

Depends on how old you are. Usually you can not apply until you are 16 but if you are abused there are foster homes ready for you.

Can a emancipated 17 year old female marry a 20 year old in the state of Louisiana?

Yes, if the 17 year old is emancipated then they are considered an adult. They can make their own decisions and get married if they want. Parents can not stop an emancipated child from doing anything, the court considered an emancipated child to be 18 years old.

How can a 17-year-old parent of a child get an apartment in Cincinnati Ohio?

If they have been emancipated, they can contract. Otherwise they need an adult to enter into the contract on their behalf.

How old does a child have to be before they can be emancipated?

Depends on your state's laws.

Can you get emancipated in Ohio?

There is no emancipation status in Ohio.

Is a married 16 year old with child emancipated in Virginia?

Yes, you are emancipated through the marriage. Not through the pregnancy.

Can i apply for child support if my child is 18 years old?

No. The child is not a child anymore but emancipated so there is no need for child support.

Can a 16 year old get emancipated in ny and still receive child support?

No. In NYC a parent has to support a child until the child is 21 years old or becomes emancipated. Emancipation means a child is living separately and independently from a parent, or is self-supporting.

Can a child be emancipated at 15 years old in Louisiana?

see link

If you are a 17 year old mother are you considered a legal adult in the state of Ohio with out being emancipated?


Is an 18 year old with a child considered emancipated in Utah and when can the father stop paying child support?

Yes she is emancipated by turning 18 and child support is paid until she is 21 if she goes to college.

Can a 17 yr old move out of their parents home if they have a child?

With parental consent. You are not emancipated because you have a child.

How old do you have to be to rent an apartment if you are not emancipated in Ohio?

18 years old. In some cases, older. It depends on how nice the apartment is.

What steps would a 16-year-old with a baby need to take to become emancipated in Ohio?

There is no emancipation statute in Ohio.

Can a child be 20 years old going to collage living with a parent and not be emancipated?

You became emancipated naturally when you turned 18 so no.

Is a 16 yr old considered emancipated once she has her own child in Georgia?

No she is not.