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How old does a girl dog need to be to have puppies?


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She needs to be at least 1 year old.


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no probley not but if it does you might need to take it to the vet

The Jack Russel puppies that our dog had are now 2 months old and they need to pee every four hours.

You dog will stop sitting on the puppies when they are at least 4 weeks old.

it can be any number of years old

you shouldn't get a very old dog pregnant it is unhealthy for them

Puppies get up to 14 or maybe other it depends on the type of dog it is.

Puppies should be 8 weeks old or older

can a 15 year old male dog make puppies with my 2 year old dog

yes if your dog is over the age of 6 ur dog shouldn't have babies

once they are in heat for the first time

dogs usually hav puppies around the age of 4-8 OVER 8 THEY CAN die

Only if your dog is having trouble chewing it. Very old dogs and small puppies sometimes need this. Usually dry dog food is fine.

I would never breed a dog more than 5 yrs old.

Dogs have their first heat at about 6 months old.

Yes but she can have them if you let her get pregnant.

it can go to the dog park about 2 years old

he can have puppies but won't make a very good father

in old age or if it is spayed or netured

My bichon frise's mother had my dog at 2 years old, so bichon frise's can have puppies at 2 years old :-)

A dog that's 17 in human years is OLD, and shouldn't be bred at all.

Boiled water with salt. When my dog had puppies, we used this to get rid of the puppies' worms. It actually worked on my puppies. They are 4 years old now....I recommend. See your vet for deworming capsules.

It's quite unusual for a dog to attack puppies. They may give a nip or two to let the pups know that they don't want to be bugged, but certainly not harming the puppies. You need a one on one dog trainer to get your dog into shape and to listen ON COMMAND. Whenever I get a dog when they are a few months old I start training them with a trainer. Remember, you are the leader of the pack, not the dog!

If the dog is intact (not spayed or neutered), yes 8 years old is not too old for a Chihuahua to be fertile and capable of having puppies.

Most dog food companies make specific food for growing puppies. It typically has a higher protein and fat content than food for an adult dog which puppies need since they are growing so rapidly.

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