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The laws vary by state, so it depends on where you live. For example, in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Iowa, Michigan, etc. it is 16. In some states you're required to attend school until you're 18, graduate, or pass the GED (which ever comes first). Also, keep in mind that in many states if you quit school you lose your drivers license. As far as homeschooling is concerned, the requirements for that also vary by state, but in some states it's quite stringent. I'll add that studies have shown that most people who fail to complete high school, spend the rest of their lives working a minimum wage job and barely being able to pay their bills. Is that what you want for your life? Think long and hard about it.

See the table linked to the right for ages by state.

In the State of MO it is 16

Does anyone know how old you have to be in Montana? My son is thinking of dropping out and I am hoping this can not be done without permission from me. You are correct in that dropping out of school will only get you a dead end job. I know of this man that has a son that dropped out of school in his sophmore year and can only read at the most a 4th grade level and this father let his child drop out of school. That is such a sad story and so very sad for the child as he can not get any decent paying job. He will always have to be around someone that can fill out applications for him as well as anything he wants to read. It is a shame that parents "let" (in some cases) their children drop out. I just want to make sure my son does not have the right legally to drop out of school.

Thank you for your timely answer though.

Montana Compulsory Education Laws list the age at which the student can quit school at 16 and the student has completed and passed the 8th grade.

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Q: How old does a teenager have to be to drop out of high school?
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