How old is a Model 70 by Falke?

I have a Falke Modell 70 also. It has been sawn off by the previous owner, but it is still quite workable. I have attempted to research it but I met with no success.

I own a Falke Modell 70 which I inherited from my grandfather when I was a boy in South Africa. I'm now about as old as he was then! While I can't give an exact date, I first used the rifle at his place about 56 years ago. I don't think the rifle was very old at the time. I'd estimate it to have been no more than 5 years old. So bottom line, I'd say that mine is about 60 years old, and that's a fairly accurate estimate.

It's obviously a quality product. Needs a new spring and front sight, plus a bit of other work, but it still shoots a mean pellet.


Falke has a very short history They started production in 1951 but ceased by 1958 and was out of business by 1961. No one has a record of when each model was made but it is safe to say it fell within those 7 years of production.

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