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How old is barack obamas dog?

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He will be three in October of this year ( 2011)

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Barack Obamas pet?

a dog names bo

What is barack obamas dog?

poodle. his name is bo.

How many dogs has Barack Obama?

The Obamas have one dog.

When was Barack Obamas dog born?

President Barack Obama's dog, named Bo, a Portuguese Water Dog, was born October 9, 2008.

How old is barack obamas dad?

He was 46 when he died in 1982.

What was barack obamas age at inaguration?

He was 47 and about 5 months old.

How old are Barack Obamas girls?

Malia is 10 years old and Sasha is 7 and that's a fact

What is Barack Obamas cats name?

The Obama family does not have any pet cats. They have a pet dog, a Portuguese water dog named Bo.

What is Barack Obamas height?

barack obama is 6foot 1

Where is Barack Obamas sister?

she is in California

What is Barack Obama's first name?

Barack Obamas first name is Barack but his nickname is Barry.Barack

How old is Barack obamas grandma?

she croaked at age 86, 2 days before barack was elected as first African American president

What was barack obamas birth name?

Barack Hussein Obama II

Who is Obamas dad?

Barack Obama Sr.

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