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Confidence... Most models have it and you need to have it, too! Don't come on too hard though, as that can be a major turn-off. Be yourself, approach her with confidence and simply introduce yourself. No weird one or two liners either. They've been heard and walked away from before. Remember to smile. One more thing. Don't worry about being shorter than her, if that happens to be the case. This really doesn't bother most women. Though it's useful to know what others think, you'll need to make up your own mind as to whether she is arrogant or just confident, and how deep it runs. All the very best! :) =Answer= Most models (are usually nice) and they work hard for their money. Sometimes they have heavy schedules and are tired from being over-worked. Yes, there are some ego-maniacs out there, but for the most part the models are just like anyone else. BE YOURSELF and never mind about trying to be something you aren't. Models have been quoted as saying they simply want someone that acts themselves and not pretending to be someone else as they have to deal with this in their business and they can get plain fed-up with it.

2006-08-14 02:03:01
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Q: How should a guy talk to a model and eventually ask her out even though he knows from others she is arrogant?
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