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How should you answer the interviewer if he asks 'Why do you want a career in customer service'?

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because i have passion for the customer service.i love people

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What customer service should you deliver?

A service that delights the customer.

Should customer service be important?

Yes customer service should be VERY important.

Customer complaints should be seen as to improve service?

Customer complaints should be seen as opportunities to improve service.

What are the impact of customer service on bank performance?

Bank should not irritate customer.

How fast does LEGO customer service contact you?

The Lego customer service team should contact you within 1 hour.

What is the difference between customer service and sales?

the difference between customer service and sales is: in customer service you should be listening to your customer and be able to relate to anything they say or do, you should be able to help and understand the customer and know their needs. In sales your job is to be able to pitch anything to anyone whether they like or need it.

The key customer service requirements of the job?

A person in customer service should have a good attitude. They should also be interested in talking with people and have the ability to sell a product.

Could volunteer work count as customer service?

Absolutely. Any volunteer group that deals with the public should count as customer service because most it often deals with the public. Customer service basically means providing a service to a customer, often through a purchase.

Why is customer service so important?

Why Is Customer Service so Important?Every business should have objectives. One of those objectives should be to find new customers, and to keep those customers.Good customer service allows you to keep new customers, which is cheaper, quicker and easier then finding new ones!Customer service is so important to maintain their relationship w/ "customers"and also to gain their customer satisfaction levels. as customer service representative!-bEN

How do you write an essay about good customer service?

An essay on good customer service will revolve around the concept of delivering high-quality customer service, obtaining customer satisfaction, building customer loyalty, and maintaining that loyalty. Customer service essays should address methods to create customer satisfaction, techniques to assist customers, cultural sensitivity, and problem resolution.

Outline your customer service experience?

When you apply for a job, you may be asked to outline your customer service experience. If this is the case, you should discuss times when you went out of your way to provide great customer service. Discuss how you have helped calm an irate customer as well.

An example of when you have provided excellent customer service?

During an interview for a position in customer service, you may be asked to describe a time when you provided excellent customer service. You should give an honest example of doing this. You may have helped a customer with a return or resolved a problem for them.

What is the difference between desired and adequate service?

Desired service is what the customer expects that they should receive. Adequate Service is just the minimum service that the customer expects to receive. Superior service goes over and beyond Desired or Adequate Service.

Why customer service should meet or exceed customer expectations?

The reason Customer Service should exceed customer expectations is because customers are the steps on the ladder, without customers where would a company be, you need to treat customers with respect and provide multiple options to keep them happy. ____________

What are the qualifications of a customer service representative?

You should have a good communication skills,proficient in english,computer literate. What are the best qualities of a good customer service represenative?

Describe the best customer service you received?

When you are asked to describe the best customer service you received, you should mention when were served in a befitting manner as a customer. This may be getting after sales service, being advised on what to buy and so much more.

How do you offer exellent customer servise?

Excellent customer service ensures the customer is pleased and does not have to ask for anything. The service should anticipate the needs of the customer and provide this as well as be ready to fix any problems that come up to their satisfaction.

What you should do in a hotel front office?

provide the best customer service.

What does exceptional customer service mean to you?

Exceptional customer service should be prompt, polite, and professional. Everything should be done right the first time, with no need to talk to more than one person.

How should a cabin crew behave?

With professionalism and courtesy. Customer service should be a top priority.

What goods and service should be produced?

Most customer demanded product should be produced with your capacity.

How should you answer 'give an example of when you have either given or received good customer service'?

You should answer such a question honestly, and give an example of an experience you have had that paints you in a good light. Experiences when you have given good customer service will go a long way to show an employer that you can provide good service working for them as well, since you have a history of good customer service in general.

How can you contact DISH Network Customer Service?

You can look in the manual and look to the help section and it should give you the customer service number or you can email them with your problem which is just as effective

What is good customer service quality?

The customer service is the only hope for the customer and this is somewhat the pinpoint of the solution for the customers for the sack of customers satisfaction and using complex products and services one should maintain good quality of customer service and along-with that they do not have to forgot that they can also do promotion mean while.

What is bad customer service?

bad customer service is when you do not take the time to help someone because it is not profitable to you in any way. it is ignoring a customer. if you get a query and you do not know the answer then you should refer them to someone who can answer their question. bad customer service is being in polite and not helpful in any way when needed buy a customer. being rude or obnoxious is bad too.