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How should you go about changing an EGR Valve in your 98 Expedition and where is it located?

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2008-12-25 21:03:07

4.2L, 4.6L, 5.4L and

6.8L Engines 1. Disconnect the negative battery cable. 2.

Remove the vacuum hose from the EGR valve. 3. On the 4.6L engine,

remove the nut and brake booster bracket. 4. On the 5.4L engine,

remove the DPFE sensor retaining nuts and place the sensor to the

side to allow access to the EGR tube. 5. Disconnect the EGR

valve-to-exhaust manifold tube from the EGR valve. 6. Remove the

EGR valve mounting bolts, then separate the valve from the intake

manifold. 7. Remove and discard the old EGR valve gasket, and clean

the gasket mating surfaces on the valve and the intake manifold.

To Install: 8. Install

the EGR valve, along with a new gasket, on the manifold, then

install and tighten the mounting bolts. 9. Connect the EGR

valve-to-exhaust manifold tube to the valve, then tighten the tube

nut to 25-35 lbs. (34-47 Nm). 10. Connect the vacuum hose to the

EGR valve. 11. On the 5.7L engine, install the DPFE sensor. 12. On

the 4.6L engine install the brake booster bracket and the retaining

nut. 13. Connect the negative battery cable.

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