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I would suggest a little restraint in the first place.

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โˆ™ 2005-10-08 03:36:33
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Q: How should you handle the affair with your brother-in-law who is married but separated?
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How did john Adams handle theXYZ Affair?

By raping Vincent's Mom

What is being married life?

married life,,chalenge how to handle a family

Child left with step parent while spouse has an affair?

There are no laws in any states that handle this type of situation. It is ultimately up to the parents to handle this dispute between themselves.

How can you handle a relationship with a married man?

My recommendation is that you don't. You will get hurt.

How do you handle constant threats you are a married woman a caregiver and at busybodies and trouble makers?

How do I handle busybodies and trouble makers , especially difficult when Iam a CAREGIVER or married to someone with CHRONIC health problems

How do you handle a secret affair?

You go down to your local hardware and look in the doors section you'll usually find handles there

Are you going to get married?

i think you should get married when you truly love someone or is mature enough to handle a comited realationship....

Did George Friedrich Handle get married?

No, George Frideric Handel never married and kept his personal life private.

Why was it important that the powers of government are separated?

It is important because the government could not handle all the power his back.

What is the best way to handle an affair?

Well did you get the other chick pregnant?? if so your screwed. if not you hate your wife anyways so leave her for the hooker.

How do you handle to self when falls in love with guy already married but he loves me back?

You move on and find someone who is not married and stop being a homewrecker!

How can you handle 4 someone that he is already married?

Please resubmit your question as it is not clear what you are asking. Thanks.

What to do if your girlfriend or wife has had an affair with an office employee and you cannot go to the company holiday party because he is there and how would you handle it?

knock him out! hahaha na talk that s**t out

How did Adams Handle the XYZ affair?

The XYZ Affair in 1797 was handled by the then President John Adams by sending three diplomats to France to negotiate with the parties involved. The French demanded a bounty to be paid first, but the United States refused. Two of the men went home. The third stayed behind and ended the argument.

Best friend having an affair with a friends' husband?

Best friend having an affair with friends husband? I recently found out that my best friend is having an affair with the husband of a couple my husband and I hang out with often. It seems, the affair has been going on for several months (almost a year) but I found out about it a few weeks ago. My best friend was sworn to secrecy by him and was made to promise that she would never tell me but one night, while I was at her place having drinks, she had a few too many and spilled the beans. Problem is, my husband and I are pretty close to the married couple and often times we have dinner, travel, or hang out at each other's homes. I am at a loss as to how to handle this. What would you do in my situation? Now that I know, I feel guilty although I had nothing to do with them hooking up.

How do you handle your husband having an affair?

First talk to him. Tell him to change otherwise you call it quits.

Is it to much too handle if you want to save your relationship after your spouse affair?

That's your decision. First step would be marriage counseling.If the cheating partner is unwilling, the prospects don't look good.

How do you handle a relationship with a married woman?

I would say you dont! She is married she should be focused on her husband. If they are going through problems/issues, then you should not get involved with her, you may be putting yourself in a bad situtation.

Why does your drivers door lock when you shut off the car and start to pull the door handle?

The answer is: the two rods in the door have been bent and need to be separated so as not to hit the other one.

Facts about animals in captivity?

Some animals can handle captivity fairly well. Other species such as the dolphin or killer whale don't handle captivity well: Teeth break from chomping on steel bars (lack of stimulation), premature deaths, they get stressed (separated from pods) etc.

How can someone stop the affair before it starts?

Honestly, an affair is usually due to one of two things; the lack of control by one or both partners to handle interaction with other attractive people or the result of one or both partners neglecting the other, causing the opposite partner to find or take solace in a physical affair as payback or because they find a thing that completes them within the other person as opposed to their partner. Maybe the "Art of being there" can help to prevent the neglecting of your partner and thus help to prevent cheating. A simple step, be sure to say you love them at least once a day. Remind them of why you married/started a relationship with them and spend time being all there for them emotionally.

When you file married filing separately how to handle deductions?

Deductions are listed on Schedules attached to your tax return. It tells you which spouse can deduct what.

How do you handle being married to a person with Asperger's Syndrome?

You have to educate yourself about the disorder, because it's a permanent condition. It can also be possible for both people with Asperger's Syndrome to be married, but it could be more difficult.

How do you handle when a married guy breaks it off with you for now he says because he feels guilty and now your hurt and he doesnt want you to hate him or not talk to him?

well that's a bad situation to get into in the first place...if you knew he was married, you shouldve seen this coming...i honestly give him kudos for feeling guilty. no offense to you. now how to handle this. you can not hate him for having a conscious. put yourself in his wife's shoes...would you want your husband having an affair? no. talking is going to be harder, esp if you have deep feelings for this man, which i believe you do. tell him you need time. that is all it's going to take. you're going to need to take time to yourself to get your priorities straight and go out for single men who can make you happy. then there won't be any of this in the future :) you need to move on from the married man before yall talk again or it's just going to be really bad.

Do wives really ever forget about a husbands affair?

Uhm, no they basically lose all trust for their husbands. If the Husband didn't want to lose their wife they never should have had an affair in the first place. Juss sayingANSWER:I don't know about others, but for some wives, including myself you will never forget your husband's affair, especially if your husband fell in love with the woman he was having the affair with. If you ask man some will say it doesn't bothers them, some will say they can handle it as long as the wife will not do it again. But in a real world, a lot of women will not forget the affair, even they forgiven their husband. Also it will depend on how bad the situation is..

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