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Handling a slider should always be done by an adult and NEVER by a child. Also, sliders naturally carry slamonella, so always wash your hands after handling them. i also use hand sanitizer! Always handle your slider like a hamburger. hold it just like on. here are some other slider tips!!!!! The rule of thumb for sliders is one turtle for every ten gallons of water. Temperature should not exceed 78 degrees! Remember, at the pet store, they dont even use heaters! Red Eared Sliders' main diet should really only consist of floating sticks. I recommend Reptomin to everyone. It is perfectly nutritionally balanced. Redworms for baby turtle is okay. But not when it is a little older. It's mouth is still small enough that redworms are still appropriate, but not later on. Other worms such as waxworms and mealworms are very high in fat and should only be given as treats, and only occasionally. But baby turtles (up to four inches in diameter) should ALWAYS be fed at least once a day and NOT more than twice. If you overfeed your slider, it will begin to show signs of being overweight. You will see excessive bulging sticking out from its shell, which causes pressure on its internal organs! If you see signs of on overweight slider, cut your feeding down to only once a day. Despite what you've read, sliders should always be fed at least once a day, not every other day or longer. My sliders live indoors in pond liners made of black resin that can be purchased at Wal-Mart or Home Depot for extremely reasonable prices. Approximately $29.99 for a 60 gallon pond! Remember, Red Eared Sliders can grow a shell of up to 12 inches in diameter, (About the size of a dinner plate!) and can live for about 35 years. Clean water, good diet, and they will out live you!

2009-02-11 00:39:33
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