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How should you prepare if you want to become a surgeon?

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Well it depends on how much you have prepared already.

First step is to get into medschool, which generally involves a 3.0 or higher GPA(depends on the school), and about 20-27 score on the MCAT(note: you dont need to take the MCAT for accpetance into a few universities).

Classes that you schould take are:




English(essay writing skills)

Organic Chemisty

Math (Calculas based, Statistics)

-all of which are at the University levels

After acceptance to Med School, i don't know currenlty trying to firgure that out >>>hoped i helped

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How do you be surgeon?

Question is not that. There has to be how to be surgeon? :D So, I am teen, but I am sure that I want to be surgeon. So what I can do to prepare for this ? Read anatomy books ? Or something else ?

How do you become a cardiothoracic surgeon?

Attend college, then medical school ... should take, oh about, 13 years or longer since you want to be a surgeon, too.

What technology skills do you need to become a surgeon?

You figure it out it also depens on what type of surgeon yo want to be like a orthopedic surgeon should be good at hammering things and stuff like that ect.....

What is the minimum qualifications required to become a general surgeon?

It depends on where you would want to become a surgeon, each country has different requirements.

What is a good college to go to if you want to be a brain surgeon?

If you want to be a brain surgeon why are you online on this site you should be calling colleges

Why do you want to become a surgeon?

so people can get saved instad of dieing.

If you want to go to medical school to become a surgeon do you have to go to college or university?


What high school courses should you take in order to prepare for becoming a funeral director or mortician-?

If you are in high school and want to prepare to become a mortician, you can take courses such as biology, human anatomy, and chemistry.

How long should you study for surgeon?

Well its might depend on what you are studying first of all and what Field of work you want to be in OR The type of surgeon (:

Why would a person want to become a heart surgeon?

becuase it is a ride to a scary an ddangerous challegne. it is how sometimes you meet people. TRUST ME IT FUN TO BE A HEART SURGEON

Why should one become a nurse?

Someone should become a nurse because they want to. Nobody should become a nurse if they do not want to.

How many years does it take for you to become a Surgeon?

it depends on what you want to specalise in.usually 12-18 years

What GCSE grades do you need to become a surgeon?

If you want to become a surgen then your working hours will be 50 hours a week. Or 10 hour a day.

How long does it take to become a heart surgeon?

3 to 4 years undergrad, then 3 or 4 years of Medical school, and then 2 years if you want practice with a surgeon or PhD.

Which subjects do you need to study at school to become a doctor?

If you want to become a medical doctor, you should major in biology or pre-med in college. To prepare for this, it is a good idea to take A.P. Biology in high school.

Should I become a NHL Goalie- a Plastic Surgeon- or a Police Officer?

If you're good enough to become an NHL goalie, I would go that route. If you're smart enough and dedicated enough to become a plastic surgeon, that would be good. If you just want a steady paycheck and like having a little power, police officer is probably a really good job for you.

Why do people become vet techs?

Because they don't want to spend 10 years in university but want to have an impact in a veterinary practise. Perhaps they want to be the anesthesiologist, and not the surgeon. They want to be the nurse, not the doctor.

What objective do you need to become a medical doctor? to be in Medical School for about seven years or so.LOL.I want to be a surgeon.How about you?:)

What should people do to prepare for lent?

You don't really have to prepare for Lent. I guess, in order to prepare for Lent you could start thinking about what you want to give up for Lent.

Why should you become a pagan?

You should not become pagan if you want to go to heaven for eternity.

Do you have to get an a in biology to become a surgeon?

It definitly helps, to get into a good biology or premed college, but if you want to become a surgeon that badly then you should improve your biology grades definitly. On the other hand, you don't necessarily NEED an A, a B would suffice to get into a decent or semi-decent premed school. Just work hard and don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it. Good luck!

What are the Boy Scout merit badges you should do if you want to be a surgeon?

Besides First Aid, which is required for Eagle, there is a Badge in Medicine. This requires spending time with a doctor so if you think you ant to be a surgeon you could try to find a counselor that is a surgeon.

Which one would be best to do if you want to become a plastic surgeon GCSEs or diploma?

GCSEs - three separate sciences (physics, chemistry, biology). To become any sort of surgeon you will have to go to medical school, and most universities require at least the three science A Levels at grade A or A*.

If you want to be a plastic surgeon what classes should you take in high school?

Answerbiology , chemistry , and phyisics / senior level .

I want to become an author what should i major in?

Become an English Major.