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he is weird, or u just arent telling it right.

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Q: How should you try to get your boyfriend back if he dumped you without warning and he says it was too predictable but he says he still has feelings for you?
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How do you break up with your boyfriend without hurting him?

be honest about your feelings. think about what is better for you.

What is the best way to break up with your boyfriend without hurting his feelings?

theyll act tough they wont show theyre feelings

How can you confront a boyfriend about cheating without telling him how you know he's cheating?

follow your gut feelings,

How predictable are sandstorms?

Sandstorms are predictable with the right technology. They weren't very predictable until the appropriate technology was developed, and still aren't very predictable in the countries without access to this technology.

How should i tell my boyfriend im talking to another guy without him thinking that i like him?

just tell ur boyfriend that he is just a friend and that u don't have any feelings for him

What is without warning?

Weather can occur without any warning; a traffic accident can happen without any warning; you could drop dead from a heart attack without any warning, etc.

What does it mean when your girlfriend breaks up with you because she is afraid of commitment but she has a new boyfriend four days later?

She probably had a boyfriend in mind and did not know how to break up with you without hurting your feelings.

What does it mean when you dream they kill your boyfriend?

Without further information, it is difficult to provide a meaningful interpretation. In general, "they" could symbolize the dreamer's own mixed feelings about the boyfriend, and her indecision as to whether to dump him or not.

What is the Latin phrase for without warning?

It's Sine Denuntiatio: without warning.

How do you tell a boy that you really like that him but you are not ready for a boyfriend without hurting his feelings?

Just tell him the truth. That's the best thing that I can say.

In what ways can you get your boyfriend to be sensitive to your feelings?

I would personally say that getting sensitive to his feelings and thoughts would make him do the same for you. Or you can ask him to get more sensitive with your feelings without putting up a fight which wouldn't be that easy... I think that showing the most of your feelings would be the best way to make him think more about your feelings... Hope u liked my answer!^^

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In 1931, ten years ago, Japan invaded Manchukuo -- without warning. In 1935, Italy invaded Ethiopis -- without warning. In 1938, Hitler occupied Austria -- without warning. In 1939, Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia -- without warning. Later in 1939, Hitler invaded Poland -- without warning. And now Japan has attached Malaya and Thailand -- and the United States -- without warning.Franklin D. Roosevelt

Falling in love for a girl that has a boyfriend what to do?

ok. What i'd do is openly tell her that you have feelings for her without putting her on the spot. Its very hard but I accomplished it so I think you can too!

How can you tell someone that you don't like them without hurting there feelings?

Tell them " I'm sorry but I just don't really think I'm ready to have a boyfriend (or girlfriend) "

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How do you get your ex boyfriend back after you split up with him you have given it another go without actually being in a relationship but you still love him yet he has no feelings for you?

Try to win him over.

How do you tell a girl that you are not interested because she is out of you're league without hurting her feelings?

Just tell her that you don't like her that way. Tell her that you want to just be Friends not boyfriend and girlfriend.

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What does it mean when your two year boyfriend tells you he has feelings for and eighteen year old girl?

It means that you have a boyfriend who will never be satisfied with one woman. He will end up being a lonely old man with few friends. You are probably much better off without him.

How can you get someone to not like you without hurting their feelings?

Just tell them. They will understand your feelings.

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