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If all are in agreement then contracts are signed through a lawyer. You want to be sure everything is done on the legal side. Good luck Marcy * In the US the parent who is relinquishing their rights must file a Termination of Parental Rights petition in the appropriate state court (usually probate) in the county where they reside. The court then rules whether or not the petition will be accepted or denied. In cases where rights are being relinquished for the child or children to be eligible for adoption the court generally grants the request.

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Q: How should your ex-husband go about giving up custody so your current husband can adopt your son?
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Can a mother have a letter notarized giving custody of her children to the grandparents?

Guardianship, not custody

Can i live with my grandparents without giving custody?


Can a father give custody to the stepmother without giving his rights?


How does one go about giving up custody to children they adopted My husband adopted his ex wifes 2 oldest boys when they were married and now he wants to sign over all his rights to them.?

not an easy thing to do. see link below

How do you get custody of kids after giving aunt permanent custody?

Prove to the court that you are a more fit parent. Or have her give them back if she is willing. Other than that you are not getting them back.

Can a mother give custody to the father without giving her rights?

Of course, but it best to do it using a mediator.

Do you still have parental rights to a child if you sign your custody over?

Yes signing over custody is not the same as giving up your parental rights. You still have the right to visitation for example.

If a mother with phsical custody is incarcerated will the father with joint legal custody be automatically awarded custody of the child?

I think it depends on how long the mother will be incarcerated for. There might be a hearing giving the father temporary custody. But if the father ever tries to get full physical custody of the child in the future, it might not be good for the mother. However, she can never be refused visitation.

What are rules about giving custody of kids to gay parents in the state of Texas?

Under the law, sexual orientation is not a factor in custody disputes; however, in practice, Texas Judges will sometimes award custody to the straight parent solely on the basis of their orientation.

Can a parent who has sole custody and father has legal custody take child out of country without consent of parent with legal custody?

You need a letter from the other parent giving permission. Otherwise you risk having difficulty either leaving or returning.

Can a single father move out of the state of Oklahoma with his child if he does not have full custody?

No. If the child's' mother calls the police you could loss custody of your child and possible go to jail. If I was you I would contact a lawyer who specializes in child custody cases. If you can get a notarized letter from the mother saying it is okay and giving you full custody.

Can you make your x-husband move out of the house?

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Can you get custody of your children if they now live with you?

If there was a previous court order giving the other parent custody, but the children are now living with the non-custodial parent, then yes. You should petition the court to change the custody order to reflect the new living arrangements.

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What do you about support when you are the non-custodial parent and the custodial parent sends them to live with you but won't sign papers giving you custody?

You must go to the family court to see about getting the custody changed.

How do you go about giving full custody back to the mother?

If you have custody of your child and you want to give full custody back to the mother, you need to file new papers with the court. The papers will make the change in custody legal. There does not need to be a trial when both parents agree on what's best for the child unless the mother was found to be unfit.

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What is the difference between joint custody and access?

joint custody means both parents have custody of the children and all decisions concerning the children have to be a joint decision... including trips out of the state. I have not heard of access... I am thinkgin access is giving the non custodail parent visitation rights. Research the Laws for your state.

Are there rules and regulations for custody battles?

Most court systems will always lean towards giving the mother the custody of children, however the laws are different in each state. The best thing to do would be to hire a good lawyer and they can help you out.

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