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How soon can you trade in a new car after you buy it?

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You can trade it in the day after you buy it, but any vehicle depreciates at least $2000 after you take possession (drive it off the lot). As far as when you should trade a new car in, that depends on how much you owe on it and your wishes. Most 60-month payment schedules will get positive equity- that is, the vehicle will be worth more than you owe- after 36 months. If you have delayed payments (like no payments for 90 days or something), it'll take that much longer to build positive equity. Note that your interest rate will also have an impact on equity: a higher interest rate will take you longer to build positive equity. How good a deal you got will also affect this, and it always helps if the vehicle is in good shape when trade-in time comes. But technically you could drive a car one day and trade it in- if you were willing to take a serious hit to the pocketbook!

2014-04-18 15:14:44
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Do you have to buy a new car to trade in a used car?

No, you can trade a used car for another used car

How soon can you trade in a new truck after you buy it?

if you buy a new truck you should sell it after 6 months

Where do I find a place that I can trade in my old car and buy a new one?

Go to Toyota. They will trade in your junk car and trade it in for a new one of your choice. There are hundreds of new and awesome cars to choose from.

When people buy a new car they something they do with old one?

Trade it in on the new car, sell it, keep it, or donate it to charity.

When people buy a new car name something they do with their old car?

trade it in, sell it, or give it away.

When people buy a new car what do they do with the old one?

They trade it in, keep it or sale it them selves.

What will people do with the old car if they want to buy a new car?

They can sell it on their own, or they can trade it into the dealer toward a down payment.

Can you trade in multiple cars for a new car?

Yes, but be aware you will get at the most wholesale for each vehicle. Must better off to sell the cars and buy the car outright with no trade.

If you trade a car in for a new car and the new car gets totaled can you get the money back?

Certainly. If you buy a new car from a dealer and then wreck it, the dealer will be happy to give you back your old car and promptly return all of your money, and take back the ruined new car.

I want to trade my car but i still owe 12474.00 can i just buy a new car?

Yes you can trade your car in, but they are only going to give you what the blue book value is. Then the remainder of what you still owe, they will put it towards the new vehicle you get. I know this because I done it.

When people buy a new car name 4 things they do with their old one?

sell, trade, donate, scrap it

When you trade your car in for a new car does the entire trade value have to go towards the new car?

Depends on what arrangement you are able to make with the dealer.

Where can you trade in your new car for a used car?

Sure, but you will not get near what the new car is worth.

Can the lien againts an old car be transferred to a new car?

Yes, when you buy the new car the remaining amount owed on the old car will be refinanced in the new financing and "transferred" in this manner. It can not be transferred unless you approve, but you can not sell the old car (Trade in) unless you approve the transaction that does this.

Can you buy a car if you are 12000 upside down with your trade in?

You can but the amount(12,000) will be added to the new car loan. If you were to sell your car that you have now and pay it off, you would be better off.

Can you trade in your new car for a used car?


How soon do you need car insurance in Iowa after you buy a new car?

If you plan on driving the vehicle, you need to car insurance immediately. You should call your agent before you lave the dealership.

After you buy a car from a dealer can you trade it for another car of the same price?

Sure, but you will have to pay the difference when trading in a used car for a new car. It lost considerble value when you drove it off the lot.

Can you buy back your old car if you decide you do not want the new one?

Yes, you can buy it back but you would either have to trade it in or pay the full price. You cannot refund a car like a price of clothing.

Can you trade a used car for a new car?

Yes you can. its best if you have the same brand as the car your wanting to buy it will help you. but of course if the new acar is worth more then the old one, you would have to pay that out of pocket. Good luck

Trade used car for new car?

Yes it's possible. It's what we called "trade-in".

Where can you buy a brand new car?

You can buy a car anywhere in the u.s

How do you trade in your car when you are still paying the loan for the car?

The balance you owe on the car that is getting traded in will be added to your new car loan. Example You owe 10,000 for the car you want to trade in They give you 6,000 for trade in your new car costs 20,000 you will either have to pay that 4,000 or they will add it onto your new car loan from your car you traded in.

do you keep your license plates when you trade cars an do you have to reregester them tothe next car that you buy?

License plates can be kept and transferred to the car you are buying or you can return them and get new ones.

Can I buy a new car before it's released?

It is not possible to buy a new car if it has not been released