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How tall is Steve Jobs?

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Steve Jobs is 5ft. 6in.

Wrong: Jobs is 5'10" or more. He is clearly taller than Bill Gates when they stand next to each other in this YouTube video:

He's 6ft 2in

Steve Jobs that's look 2 or more inches taller than Bill Gates, so he might be like 6' or more tall!

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Steve JobsSteve Jobs

Was Steve Jobs gay?

No, Steve Jobs was not gay. Steve Jobs was the CEO of Apple.

Who did Steve jobs do apple with?

Steve Jobs did Apple with Steve Wozniak.

What did Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak do?

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple Computers.

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I think you mean "Who IS Steve Jobs?"

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Steve Jobs was an orphan

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Who is Steve jobs father

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Steve Jobs is dead.

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Steve Jobs is no longer living, thus he is not anything. Did you mean "Why WAS Steve Jobs a perfectionist.

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