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Its controlled by a vacuum hose

2008-05-19 23:12:55
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Does a motor convert electrical energy into mechanical energy?

Only when it's running.

How do you convert mechanical energy to thermal energy?

Mechanical Energy can be converted to thermal energy by friction, or through through more roundabout manners such as converting mechanical energy to electrical energy and running the electrical energy via a current through a resistance, forming thermal energy.

What are some examples of chemical to electrical energy?

ex: mechanical energy * a running person * moving windmill * person throwing a ball ex: electrical energy * t.v * computer * toaster

What does Electrical consumers switched off mean in a car?

what this means is all loads switched off ie no lights radio heater or anything electrical running, this is the usual condition for taking a reading for battery drain, to see if there are any unwanted loads, or drain on the battery which can cause constant flat batteries. Hoope this helps

Is running water chemical or mechanical weathering?

Running water is an example of mechanical (or physical) weathering.

What is an example of electrical energy into mechanical energy?

Any device or process that needs batteries or that needs to be "plugged in" to move is an example of electrical energy being converted into mechanical energy. Some examples: - Starting a car - Running a washer/dryer - A moving fan - Playing a record or CD

Can a cigarette lighter drain the car battery if the car is on?

If the car is on (Ignition is on, engine is running) then no. Nothing should drain the battery when the car is running, there is a device called an alternator with a belt that usually goes around the crankshaft that transforms the mechanical energy into electrical energy. As long as you have the car running, the battery should not die. If so, you have a mechanical problem.

What is industrial maintenance?

Industrial maintenance is the term for the process of keeping the equipment running at peak efficiency in a factory. It includes scheduled cleaning, parts replacement and lubrication, as well as repairs. Industrial maintenance technicians in advanced manufacturing plants troubleshoot electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and computer-controlled systems.

What is the noise on a 206 when engine is turned off?

I'm not a gambling man but I would risk a shilling that the radiator fan is running Peugeot fans are not ignition controlled, and do start at times after the engine is switched off.

Why is Subaru legacy engine running after ignition switched off?

subaru legacy engine is switched off when stop after drive

What kind of energy transformation occurs when hydroelectric power plants is converted?

Running water on plane:kinetic: falling water:potential: wheel turning mechanical: systems ignition: electrical.At all level of transformation (Sound)

Why does your car stop running?

Depending on what you mean running?? If it is the engine that stops running then it could be something electrical like alternator not charging battery, mechanical malfuction like broken timming belt or water pump, no oil in engine, overheating, extremely worn spark plugs, or catastrophic engine damage.

What is phase mismatching?

If you are asking about electricity generation, this is when 2 alternators are not running in sync and they attempt to drive each other as motors for parts of the cycle. This can result in serious damage, both electrical and mechanical!

How mechanical energy is used in your home?

running for appliances

What are the examples of mechanical to heat energy?

running the car

How do muscles make mechanical energy?

we can make mechanical energy in many ways. one way is running.

A flow of electrical charges is known as an?

A flow of electrical charges running through a medium is known as an electrical current.

How do your RPMs stop working?

RPM is the abbreviation for revolutions per minute and is a measurement of the revolutions of the engine crankshaft. Literally, if your "RPMs stop working" your motor isn't running. However, you are probably referring to the tachometer, the meter that displays the number of rpm's your engine turns, that has stopped working. There are two basic types of tachometers: electrical and mechanical. Electrical tachometers calculate the engine speed by counting electrical pulses while the mechanical tachometers have a mechanical cable attaching to the engine, generally the ignition distributor or camshaft. So, if your tachometer is not working you have either have an electrical problem, a broken cable or the meter itself has become defective.

What form of energy does a running motor produce?

Mechanical energy

What electrical devices waste electrical energy?

The ones you leave turned on and running when you're not using them.

Examples of conversion of mechanical energy into heat energy?

while running the car it converts mechanical energy to heat energy

What form of energy does running motor produce?


Why would our 96 doge grand caravan intermittantly seem as though it's running out of gas and stop...fuel filter is ok...electrical or mechanical problem?

bad fuel pump, how many miles?

Examples mechanical energy?

Riding a bike, running, lifting weights

Do electrical engineer need to wear uniform?

No. God no. What kind of show do you think Electrical Engineers are running?