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The classless society is opposed to the class society. This latter is based on the following principle: The results of majority's work go to the minority. The classless society will be founded on the opposite rule: The results of any work go to those who do the work. For that it is important to control the production and distribution, but people cannot have this control because of "right of property". The people cannot touch the wealth and the production's means because their ownership is protected by the law and the law is applied by the State. Then the first thing to do is to get ride of the State as the guard of class relationship. Once the ruling State is overthrown the people should take the control of every collective issues in their hands and manage all the institutions and companies by themselves. This would be the self-management system, by the people for the people. In such a society because the outcomes of the activities come back to those who do it there would no more possible to accumulate the wealth and then to constitute any privileged statute named class.

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What does china call its economy?

A classless society

Karl Marx called for a classless society?

Karl Marx is an intellectual who is credited as one of the founders of the subject of sociology. He used sociology as a form of criticism of society and called for a classless society.

What is the main idea of communism?

To establish a classless, stateless society.

What type of society did Julius Nyerere want to create?


Did the Soviet Union achieve a classless society?

In short, no. Classless society, in it's ultimate version would mean no divisions on the basis of economic status, which certainly wasn't the case in the USSR.

What was a key characteristic of fascism in the 1920s and 1930s?

pusuit of classless society

What was the ultimate goal for Karl Marx's proletariat's theory?

A classless society

Marx envisioned Communism in its final form as a?

Free and Classless Society.

The concept of a classless society is most closely associated with which of these?

Karl marx

Is the society of animal farm a classless one?

In the beginning, the animals seek to make it a classless society with the set of rules that Snowball and Napoleon make. In the end, it is not, with the pigs the ruling class and the rest of the animals workers.

Who envisioned a classless society with common people in charge of their destiny?

One of the first to envision a classless society with common people in charge of their destiny was Plato. Others since then have had the same vision, including Karl Marx.

Does communism have a classless society?

Yes, in theory. This has never been a reality however.

What is the term for a classless society where control of wealth and property belongs to the state?


What did Mao Zedong believe would lead to a classless society?

dick holeee

What economic theory states that workers should create a classless society?


What economic philosophy believed in a classless society with no private property?

Marxist Communism.

How did Stalin try to create a classless society in Russia?

Joseph Stalin tried to create a classless society in Russia by having the government own all resources. He also had people start a revolution against the middle class and capitalists.

What were Joseph Stalin goals in society?

One of Joseph's Stalin's goals in society was to create a classless society. He wanted to improve the economy of the Soviet Union.

Was Mesopotamia a classless society?

it was patriarchal, because woman worked inside and men were outside

Did the estates exist after the French Revolution?

No. The revolution created a classless society (In theory at least).

In this system all property is owned in a classless society by all members of the community?


What was marxism?

marxim is an ideology that contribute by karl marx about classless society or socialist communist from bourgouise kapital

Who believed that economic development in China should come before the creation of classless society?

Deng Xiaoping

Who believed that a revolution against the capitalist system was inevitable and necessary to establish a classless society?

Karl Marx

Who said that you believe that economic development in china should come before the creation of a classless society?

Mao Zedong

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