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medusa turned people into stone so yeah...

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Medusa got turned into a gorgon because the gods got angry at her

Medusa was always a goddess called Medusa, if she was a goddess Athena only cursed her.

Medusa was cursed and, so, she probably got used to them after awhile.

Medusa was turned into a monster by Goddess Athena. Medusa is and evil monster which has got a power to turn people into stone with her big, piercing eyes. She is a monster even though when she was younger she was an arrogant and beautiful lady which men would fight over. She has got a son whose name is Zytan.

no medusa was never married she was a loaner thbe whole of her life.

That is unknown, but Medusa got along very well with her sisters Sthenno and Euryale.

No, Medusa was a priestess that worshipped Athena godess of stradegy and wisdom. Medusa only saw 2 gods, Athena (When Medusa got caught in her home with poisiden),and Poisiden.

Medusa didn't actually hate people, she hated men. She was raped by Poseidon, god of sea, that was seen by Athena. Athena hated Medusa for it even though it was not her fault, but she still got cursed by Athena. That's why Medusa hates men, because she got turned ugly, turns people to stone with her eyes and got raped by a man. If I was Medusa, I would also hate men.

Yes, Medusa was cursed from the goddess called Athena. Athena got jealous from medusa's beauty because everyone wanted Medusa. Athena decided to curse Medusa. Now Medusa is a monster and has snakes for hair, Medusa got cursed so badly that Athena made the curse that if anyone looks at medusa will turn to stone. This teaches every god not to ever look at Medusa's face and or never to get interested in her.

Perseus killed Medusa and eventually went to the Underworld when he died in ancient Greek myth.

She was once the most beautiful goddess of them all. But then when Aphrodite was born, she got jealous of Medusa. So she put a spell on Medusa so that she could become the most hideous goddess ever. And that is what happen to Medusa!!

The company takes its name from Nike, the Greek goddess of victory.

Poseidon was in Athena's temple with Medusa. At that time, Medusa was beautiful. Athena caught them and got furious. Then she turned Medusa ugly with snake hair.

The company got its name from Nihon Sangyo - the owner of the company.

no..... Medusa and Poseidon were having an affair in Athena's temple and Athena got mad so she turned Medusa into a hideous creature.

Athena cursed Medusa because she was in Athena's temple, worshiping her, when Poseidon came. Posiedon raped Medusa and Athena got jealous. So she gave Medusa reptilian hair and a scaly dragon body along with her two sisters.

yes until she got raped then cursed

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The nymph Medusa was having an affair with Poseidon and they arranged to meet in Athena's temle. Athena got very angry when she found that they had used her temple for this so she turned Medusa and her sisters, who had helped them, into gorgons.

If you're talking about Perseus and the Gorgon's head, than it's Perseus. If you're talking about the story about who Medusa got her snake hair, then it's just Poseidon, Medusa and Athena.

Poseidon and Medusa did not end up having children, thanks to Athena. Athena caught the two of them together in her temple, and used her powers to make Medusa ugly, which is how Medusa got her snake hair.

he got close to her and chopped her head off

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