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What should the thickness be on the front brake lining for Ford ranger 2010

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Q: How thick are new front brake rotors on a 2010 Ford Ranger?
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Pulsating feeling when braking 2007 Chrysler 300?

Warped brake rotors, have them resurfaced if thick enough and have the pads replaced at the same time. If the rotors are not thick enough they will have to be replaced too. Could be the ABS also.

How do you repair 2000 Honda accord ex brake rotors?


How much does it cost to replace front brake pads and resurface front rotors on a 1996 Ford Taurus 6 cylinder?

about 150 t0 175 dollars for brake pads and new rotors at advance auto Other pricing: Autozone: * Rotors range from $26 to $45 (don't buy the 'value' rotors - more likely to warp) * Rotors that are thick enough can be turned/machined - local shop does them for only $10-15 * Pads start at $19, upgrade to $32, and top-o-the-line "CMax" ceramics (my favorite type!) at $55 Be sure to grease up the slide pins and anywhere the pads 'ride' on the caliper brackets - using BRAKE grease.

2005 GMC Envoy front brake rotor minimum thickness?

how thick should a front rotor on a 2005 envoy be

Why does a 1998 Subaru Outbacks Front brakes pulsate when applying the brakes?

you have out of round brake rotors, they can be replaced or machined if they are thick enough, the front pads should be replaced or placed on sand paper on a flat suface to remove the glazing so they will seat properly to freshly machined surface

What does it cost to replace front pads and rotors on a Dodge Grand Caravan?

To do it yourself on 2002 model, for two new rotors and brake pads, the parts are around $130-$250 depending on the level of quality you choose and where you purchase. Shop around. If the old rotors are still thick enough to machine, some money can be saved by doing that instead of buying new. Most brake shops can machine rotors from $20 and up each, if you bring them the rotors. Shop around for decent prices and if they tell you they're too thin to turn, protect yourself from fraud by getting a second opinion elsewhere or disposing of the rotors elsewhere (that way they can't just say they're no good, keep the rotors, turn them and sell them to someone else for more).

Is there more than one size brake rotor for a 2006 Volkswagen Jetta TDI?

Yes; the Volkswagen Jetta tdi had a thick disk brake in the front end and the rear disk brake is larger in diameter than the front brakes but not as reinforced.

What is the minimum thickness to turn a front rotor for a 92 Toyota Pu 4 4?

Someone is going to come back with a number. Don't believe them. Never turn Japanese brake rotors or brake drums. They aren't thick enough to allow any metal to be cut off if you want them to work properly. Turn them and you risk overheating problems.

When do you change brake pads and rotors?

Rotors need to be changed when they have been resurfaced too many times or becomed too warped to be turned and leave them thick enough for safety. Brake pads should be replaced every 30-40,000 miles depending on driving habits. When you change the break pads, have the rotors resurfaced at the same time. It only costs about $10.00 each to have them turned at the auto parts shop. Few professionals, if any, will replace pads without turning the rotors.

Can brake rotors go bad if a car sits for 8 months?

They will have flash rust due to moisture, if they are thick enough, driving slowly, after a few miles of light braking will clean them of the rust.

How do you change the rotor on a Pontiac vibe?

Take tires, rotors and brake pads off. Then get a piece of thick wood and hold it on the rotor and beat it with a hammer to loosin the rotor. Then it will almost fall off in your hand.

Why are brake drums and rotors on a car thick?

to help reduce the amount of heat damage from braking. The more mass to an object, the less high temperatures will affect it & cause warping, distortion, and burns\fire.

Why do your brakes drag after you put new pads on the front of your 2002 Town Country?

The brake pads may not be adjusted properly. The wrong brake pads will also cause the brakes to drag. The brake pads may be too thick.

How thick should brake pads be?


When I'm going to slow down from a speed of at least 60mph i feel my steering wheel shake and vibrate Is this something with the rotors?

Yes more than likely, warped rotors. Have rotors turned if thick enough as well as new brake pads installed. If the rotors do not meet a minimum thickness requirements, they will have to be replaced as well. A good shake down of the front end wouldn't hurt either. Sometimes bearing, tie rods, etc... can cause stuff to happen as well. But I would bank on the warped rotor idea, no doubt. Good Luck. Let me know if further questions.

Should the brake pads be replaced on a 99 Chevy Silverado with under a 100K miles?

The only way to determen that is to inspect the brake pads themselves. Do you hear a shricking noise when the brake pedal is depressed? Their is a metal clip that when Brake pads get worn ut will scrap along the rotor to indicate to the driver the Brake pads need perplacing. To best deteman that is to inspect them and see where that metal clip sits to where it is going to hit the rotor. If the rotor is gouged or has grooves in it, it would be best to have a shop lathe the rotors if they are still thick enough or buy new rotors. Good luck

How thick was the veil in front of the holy of holies?

4 inches thick

Which type of front brings thick clouds and stormy weather?

Stationary front

When do you change your brakes on a titan truck 2007?

when your brake pads are an 1/8 in. thick

Can you brake thin ice?

yes you can believe and you can do it but what's a bit harder is braking thick ice

Why are my new brake pads getting hot?

Brake pads normally yet hot under normal use. The brake pads will get excessively hot if they are not adjusted properly. The wrong brake pads can be too thick and might be rubbing on the rotor.

How many Kilometers in front of your vehicle can you see in thick fog?

In most thick fog, you can barely see 20 yards in front of your vehicle. Kilometres doesn't even enter the question.

How do you turn a car's brake rotors?

The brake rotors on a car or truck are turned on a lathe. Few of us have a lathe like this in our garage, but lots of shops have this piece of gear. Additionally, there are "jobbers" who have a lathe in a van that can come to your place. (The mobile brake specialist also has pads, shoes and the like, and can turn drums as well as rotors.) Note that a mobile service may or may not do the work of removing the rotors and then replacing all the parts to complete your brake job. There are also shops that have a lathe that will turn a rotor without the necessity of removing it from the vehicle, by the way. In some cases of advanced wear, the brake rotors will end up too "thin" after being turned, and cannot be used again. In this case, new (or reconditioned) rotors will have to be installed on the vehicle. A shop has a special caliper to determine if the rotor will still have enough "meat" on it (still be thick enough) to be resurfaced and trued, and then used once more. Let's touch on the lathe and then wrap up. A lathe is a device that turns a workpiece, in this case, the brake rotor, and a tool rest of some kind holds a sharp tool against the turning rotor to remove material. The lathe is used to remove the outer layer of material on the rotor to provide a fresh surface for the brake pads to grip on. The rotor is also trued in this process, and the finished rotor will be very flat on a plane perpendicular to the axis of rotation. Unless you're really good with a wrench, it is best to let a professional shop do this work. If you mess up a tune up, your car won't run well (if at all). But if you mess up a brake job, you might easily find yourself in an accident. Think this through and get some estimates before you consider pulling your rotors and hauling them in to get turned. You may not be able to get things back together correctly to finish the job.

Where do you put the brake fluid in a 86 Marquis?

Looking at the engine from the front of the car, on the right side (drivers side) you will see a rectangular cap, about 5 inches long and 2 inches wide with a thick wire running along the center of it. That's the brake fluid tank. Standing on the drivers side of the car you must pull the thick wire towards you and the wire will fold down out of the way and you can pull that cap off. top off both the front and rear sections and replace the cap and pop the wire back up.

Is there a manual release for the parking brake on a 2005 jaguar s type?

No there is not. You have to unplug the park brake ecu in the drivers side boot. Power up the park brake motor manually with 12v. Thick RW wire and the thick GW wire. If nothing happens reverse the connections. Make sure the vehicle is chocked