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NO the leak is in the entrance to the skimmer, a grout line was broken when I had the pool replastered and the vibrations from the jackhammers did it. The plaster co. will not take responsibility for this.

You have to actually determine that the skimmer is in fact leaking. Repair kits are available on the market just for this situation. However, the leak has to be at the very bottom or near bottom of the skimmer. Have you had a pressure test on the system?

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โˆ™ 2008-12-09 17:01:40
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Q: How to Fix skimmer leak in ground pool?
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In ground pool when filled up and pump running water is leaking somewhere but will stop after it is under the skimmer could someone please tell what might be wrong?

Best guess is that there is a leak in the return pipe from the skimmer to the pump. Sorry to say its probly not a cheap fix. There also could be a leak at the gasket around the skimmer opening.

What to do if your pool starts to leak?

fix the leak. call a pool specialist if you don't know how to fix it

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How do you repair a cracked swimming pool skimmer?

There is a special puddy you can buy from your local pool place to fix a cracked skimmer. It dries quickly & its easy to use. You may have to do this yearly. We have had to twice now.

How do you fix a pool if the slab of cement around the pool is sinking?

First, you need to find and fix the leak that is causing the deck to heave.

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How do you fix popped out swimming pool from ground?

I have dropped a pool 14 inches but not easy

What do you do if you have a leak in your pool?

That depends on what kind of pool you have. If its an inflatable pool or a plastic kiddy pool then you drain the water,patch up the leakage area with water proof tape and if that works then you know that it's fixed. If its the kind of pool that is dug into the ground then you might need to call someone that can fix pools.

How do you fix in ground pool leaks?

use Jose ortiz

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Fill it Fill it

What can we do when our above ground pool wall is caving?

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