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How to Replace passenger side mirror on 2001 Ford Mustang?

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September 13, 2011 5:44AM

Step 1. If you have the sound system with the small speaker opposite the mirror. Pry off the cover of the upper speaker. (Not the one on the bottom of the door). I found standing over the cover with a small screw driver and gently prying worked best. It simply press on.

Step 2. With the cover off. There is a large hole in the speaker case. Inside the whole is a mid size Phillips screw. Unscrew the screw. The whole speaker assembly now lifts out of its holder. Unclip the wiring harness. (Do not unscrew the speaker).

Step 3. Three large nuts are now exposed holding the mirror on. If you don't have power mirrors remove and replace the mirror.

If you do have power mirrors:

Step 4 Leave the nuts for now. At the door handle there is a small indentation above the molded plastic. Take a large flat head screw driver and gently press down. This will release the molding around the handle which is fitted in and can be lifted out. Behind this molding there are three screws holding the paneling to the frame. Remove them.

Step 5. At the bottom of the door at the hinge is a plastic button. With a flat head gently pry the button out. It is 1 1/2 inches long and simply pressed in. If you break it the dealer will sell you another.

Step 6. The door panel lifts off. I found it was easier to start it by latch. LIft up since it has a half dozen hanger hooks inside. The only reason you have to remove the panel is to reach the wire plug. Unplug the mirror wire harness. Some people reach the harness thru the door molding whole but its real tight.

Step 7. Unbolt the mirror. Small box wrench works best. Look closely at the way the wire is threaded down into the door before slowly pulling it free. You'll have to work the speaker holder to get the wire free.

Step 8. Thread the new mirror wire thru. Place the gromit on the inside hole. This simply keeps the wire harness from rubbing thru. Place new mirror on. Finger tighten the nuts.Connect the harness. Careful to run wire behind the speaker holder and rehang the connector on the hanger on the door.

Step 9. Rehang the door panel. Care should be take that the upper black rubber overlaps the car interior. You may have to work it under with a small screw driver. Replace screws and replace plastic button at bottom of the door.

Step 10. Tighten nuts on mirror.

Step 11. Place speaker in holder. (Care should be take that all the speaker wires are in the holder since it slides within itself). Re-install holder screw for speaker.Press cover on speaker.

Step 10. Replace the molded plastic with switches on the handle. I did not have to remove the wiring harness from my switches though some people do. If you do have too the entire switch assemble actually pries in half with a screw driver after you remove the screws. Its simpler than it looks.

Step 11. Everything should be back and your good to go...the whole operation is achieved with a Phillips head, a box wrench, and patience's. Took me 45 minutes working fairly slowly.