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how to repair a citreon saxo indicator bulb

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โˆ™ 2010-01-23 21:32:10
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Q: How to change an Citroen ax indicator bulb?
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Is there a Wiring diagram for a Citroen AX?

yes there is online Japanese version of Citroen AX witing diagram, go to Google and wirte "Citroen AX wiring Diagram", also you can download BitTorrent software, and install it then in the search bar, write"Citroen Service Documentation 2007". You will find a file more than 7GB size download it, it includes all the necassery documents you need. You need fast internet.

How many cylinders in a 1.4 citroen ax gt?


Where is the petrol tank drain bung on a citroen ax?

There is none.

Why does a citroen ax cut out and hesitate?

Because its an old french car!

What is the price range that can be expected for a new Citroen AX?

The Citroen AX is a small compact car built from 1986 to 1998 by the French manufacturer Citroen. It is very light weight and economical. They are only found in the UK. They are considered "used" cars and range in price from 350 Euros to 495 Euros.

Where is the bonnet release on a citroen ax?

Driver's side under steering column

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1997 Citroen AX?

Between the fuel tank and the engine !

What oil do i need for a citroen ax service?

i need to find this out too, can't find it anywhere!

Fuel filter location on a citroen AX GTI?

Filter is located on the exterior of the fuel tank

Why do your rear car of my citroen ax doors only open from the inside?

maybe it is because the outside locks are broken

What is the optimum tire pressure for a Citroen AX?

Normally 32lbs is best, but in your driver side door panel it should say on the sticker.

What is ax times ax?

(ax)(ax) = a2 + 2ax + x2

What is the standard wheel size on a citroen ax gt?

The standard wheel size is a 16 inch wheels. There are options available for larger wheels, such as a 17 inch, 20 inch, and 22 inch wheels.

How do you get the clutch release arm out of a citroen ax L reg diesel?

You first need to remove the gearbox. If you are unsure pop along to your local motor factor and purchase a Haynes car repair manual for your car.

Standard form to point-slope form?

y=mx+b Ax+By=C Move Ax to before C and change the positive or negative sign.

How do you remove rear light cluster on Citroen AX?

there are two butterfly backs on the inside of the boot you undo these and then the light will come away form the car you then push two clips in and the light housing comes off simple really

How do you factor a trinomial if ax has a negative in front of it?

Change all the signs in the trinomial and then proceed as normal.

What is the homonym of ax?


What is better the esp ltd ax-414 or the ax-404?

The ESP LTD AX-414.

Does chucky kill Tiffany?

Yeah, he does in Bride of Chucky with an ax.

What is the singular possessive of ax?

The possessive form of the singular noun ax (or axe) is ax's (or axe's).example: The ax's blade is very sharp. (or, The axe's blade is very sharp.)

Where is the battle ax from?

From the basic woodsmans ax.

What simple machine is an ax?

The ax is a wedge.

On a citroen ax what does a K warning light mean?

This light is an engine management light and indicates a fault with the management system. It would be worth get a diagnostic tester connected up to the car to check for fault code(s) and rectify accordingly

What does 'an ax to grind' mean?

If you have "an ax to grind," then you have a complaint to discuss with someone. The image is of you sharpening your ax to chop away.