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How to change light bulbs in dashboard 1998 ford f150?


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Step by step:

1. remove the piece that goes directly on top of the steering column.. this is held by clips, no screws

2. remove the one screw that holds the dash piece that goes BELOW the steering column.. this can now drop down by pulling it - the rest is clips.

3. remove the 3 screws that are visible that hold the dash piece that goes ABOVE the instrument panel. that piece is NOT ready to be pulled off yet!!

4. begin to carefully pull that dash piece that goes ABOVE the instrument panel out until you can access a spot where the headlight switch is coming out with the panel - there will be a plastic piece that you need to push in that acts like a clip - then the headlight switch can be removed and you will see the final screw that holds the panel in place - remove that screw.

5. once you have removed the above, you can access the 4 screws that hold the instrument panel in place - remove them.

6. carefully pull the instrument panel out. if you want to completely remove the instrument panel for easier access to the lights, you will need to first remove the transmission indicator ( P N D 2 1).. this can be achieved by looking along each side of it for the clips, pushing them in and sliding the piece down off the instrument panel.

7. pull the instrument panel outwards until you can access the wire harnesses.. push the clip in and pull them out (there are 3 harnesses for the instrument panel).

8. the instrument panel can now be completely removed and you will need to flip it over to see the back of the panel. the small white plastic pieces are all labeled on the PC board - ford even throws in some extra free bulbs if you don't have 4x4 (they install the bulbs the indicate your 4x4 status even if it will leave the factory without 4x4!).. the larger black ones are for the backlighting for the gauges - these must all be turned counter-clockwise to remove and clockwise to put back in.. they can be tough to get out and pliers can aid in turning them to remove.

9. follow the instructions in reverse to reassemble.


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