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How to change rear turnlight in 1989 Chevy Celebrity?


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2006-01-22 00:02:32
2006-01-22 00:02:32

there should be 2 10mm screws in your trunk on each side of the taillgihts the screws are located on the outer sides of the car and are kinda recessed just loosen them and swing taillight towards you and then pull away from license plate and is free

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No Chevy Celebrity ever had a 4.0L engine

The petcock on a 1989 Chevy Celebrity is at the bottom of the radiator on the drivers side.

Pull the old fuse out and put the replacement fuse in.

The oxygen sensor on a 1989 Chevy Celebrity is located in the rear exhaust manifold on top about the center.

How to change the power steering pump depends on which engine your car has.

To change the front blinker bulb on your 1989 Chevy Celebrity simply reach up behind the bumper and unplug the socket from the fixture. Replace the bulb in the socket and plug the socket back into the fixture.

Looking in my factory service manual for a 1989 Chevy Celebrity I found no reference to an accessory relay.

The spark plug gap for your 1989 Chevy Celebrity 2.8 V6 is .045".

The 1989 Chevy Celebrity V6 is rated at 130 hp.

You can replace the ignition control module and the crankshaft position sensor as required.

There is no 1994 Chevy Celebrity. The Celebrity was discontinued in 1989, with the exception of the station wagon which remained in production through 1990. Assuming you mean 1984, depending on which engine it is, very easy or slightly difficult.

The thermostat on a 1989 Chevy Celebrity is located under the water outlet fitting. Follow the upper radiator hose, it will end at the water outlet.

Under the dashboard on the drivers side, in the fuse block. Just pull it and replace it.

To change the headlight bulb on a 1989 Chevy Celebrity reach down in behind the composite headlight fixture and disconnect the appropriate wire plug then give the bulb a counter clockwise twist, and pull it out. Reverse the process to install a new bulb.

All Chevy Celebrities have rack and pinion steering.

On a 1989 Chevy Celebrity the timing is controlled by the engine control module, there is no specification or provision for adjusting the timing manually.

Other than the 1987 and 1988 Eurosport VR versions I am unaware of any Chevy Celebrity with cup holders.

My 1987 Chevy Celebrity with 2.8 V6 was doing the same thing. I cured the problem by replacing three dead fuel injectors.

The MAP sensor on a 1989 Chevy Celebrity is on the firewall on the passenger side behind the strut tower.

All Chevrolet Celebrity cars are FWD (front wheel drive).

According to one source I found the weight of a 1989 Chevy Celebrity varied between 2751 to 2928 pounds. Actual weight of a given car would depend on engine, transmission and other options.

I have not seen a standard Chevy Celebrity with a toggle switch under the dash. I would suspect that is something a previous owner installed.

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