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Unfortunately that is exactly the information an auto thief would want. You will need to go to the dealership to get the information for the alarm system.

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Q: How to deactivate the anti theft device in a 1999 Toyota Corolla without ID code number?
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Where is the location of the evap purge solenoid on a 2001 Toyota Corolla?

In the 2001 Toyota Corolla the evap purge solenoid valve is located near the underside of the air cleaner. This is an emissions control device.

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What does it mean when your airbag light comes on on your Toyota Corolla?

It means it needs to be serviced at the dealer. The integrity of this device is now questionable and probably will not protect you adequately in a crash where the airbag gets deployed.

Is there a standard anti-theft device that will not allow the vehicle to start in a 2003 Toyota corolla?

Yes. It has a transponder key that if you use the wrong key it will not send the correct code to the ECM. Hence no start.

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How do you change the front wheel bearings on a 2003 Toyota Corolla?

Im disappointed this question has not been answered yet. ""FWD Front Wheel Bearing Adapters"" I would like to know if this device will work to remove the pressed in bearing the 03' corolla has. My concern is the amount of surface area this bearing has and will the device be capable of moving a pressed in bearing with a mechanical screw??? Has anyone tried using this device?????

What is a Toyota special service tool?

This is usually refering to a Toyota specific tool or diagnostic device

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Where is the emergency fuel shut off switch for a Toyota Camry SE?

Toyota vehicles are NOT equipped with this device.

Is there a anti theft device on the 1998 Toyota Camry that needs to be reset after installing a new starter?

If you have disconnected the battery upon reconnecting it anti-theft system was activated. Your remote or key should deactivate it when you attempt to start the car. Also check your owner's manual for more details.

How do you deactivate the anti theft device on a 1997 Town and Country?

The factory security system is disarmed by unlocking the doors with a key or remote.

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Do 2004 Toyota Tacoma have a built in anti-siphoning device?

The 2004 Toyota Tacoma does have a built-in anti-siphoning device in the gas tank pipe. This device erased the need for locking gas caps, but causes a problem when the gas tank needs to be emptied to make repairs.

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How do you deactivate the anti theft device in a 1997 Pontiac sunfire?

Hi, If you are talking about the anti theft device that locks the radio, you might have to go to the dealership to have it unlocked. That's what I did when the radio on my 2000 Sunfire stopped working after the alternator was replaced. It cost me $20.

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Where is diagnostic port located on Toyota fortuner?

Open the flap under the steering wheel, and you can see the 18 pin socket. Plug your OBD2 device here. However, be aware that TOYOTA uses a different protocol as I could not get to work with my OBD2 device.

Where is the low side of the ac of a 93 Toyota Paseo?

From the metering device outlet to the compressor inlet.

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Its for installing an auxiliary audio device, like a CD changer or a satellite radio. You have to remove your radio to attach a device to it. There was no auxiliary input in the 2003 Toyota matrix and was not optional the first aux was for the 2006 matrix and up

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