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The brain for the alarm is under the driver seat just disconect it you should be good!

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How do you reset computer on 1986 LeBaron after battery is replaced?

Disconnect battery cables from battery for 30 minutes and then reconnect battery it then resets.

I have replaced the alternator starter and the solenoid on my 1991 Ford Ranger and when you disconnect the battery cable it kills the engine. What else can be wrong?

Never disconnect a battery while an engine is running!

How do you change dimmer switch in a 1990 cadillac deville?

Disconnect the battery. Disconnect the air bag system. Remove the steering wheel. The dimmer switch can now be replaced.

How do you get a broken fuse out of a fuse box?

Disconnect the battery first. First you disconnect the battery. After you disconnect the battery, you can pull it with a pair of needle-nose pliers, but only after you have disconnected the battery. It is quite important to disconnect the battery, or the thing that might be fused to the fusebox might be your hand. So disconnect the battery first.

How to disconnect power to the battery in 2006 mini?

Disconnect the negative battery cable.

Do you have to disconnect a battery charger from the battery or can you just unplug it?

Best to unplug it and then disconnect it from the battery. Reason being is that if you disconnect it from the battery first you will create a spark. That spark could ignite any fumes from the battery.

Ford f-150 battery is draining?

Can be a dead cell in the battery. If so the battery will have to be replaced. Can also be any light that is pulling power from the battery. Check all lights. Under hood, glove box, dome light, trunk, etc. Disconnect the negative battery cable overnight and if the battery is dead then the battery has a dead cell and must be replaced.

If a1973 dodge dart swinger 318 replaced everything battery still dies?

apparently you have a draw or a short when the vehicle is shut off, disconnect the battery when not in use and see if the battery stays charged.

If you have replaced the battery in my Audi 80 but have lost my remote and the alarm in car wont go off how do I disconnect the alarm?

if you did disconnect the alarm, it wouldn't let you start the car because of the immboliser

Do you have to disconnect car battery?

If working on the electrics of a car then it is a sensible precaution to disconnect the battery.

Do you disconnect a battery when repairing a starter?

Yes, you better disconnect the negative battery cable.

You have replaced the fuel pump in your 1998 Isuzu Amigo your fuel gauge does not read right how do you reset the ECU?

Did you disconnect the battery for a while?

How do you reset brain after crank shaft position sensor has been replaced?

i normally disconnect the battery for a few seconds, or pull the battery fuse, or buy a code reader and reset it that way

Do you have to disconnect your battery and fuel relay to replace fuel filter?

It does no harm to disconnect the battery when working on a vehicle but in general no, you do not need to disconnect them to change a filter.

What would cause a 1989 GMC Sierra to turn over but not fire and when you take the key out it continues to turn until you disconnect the battery is the ignition bad or is it something else?

Have you replaced the starter lately? It sounds like a faulty starter that might have been wired wrong. It COULD be the keyswitch.

How replace 2002 Ford Focus battery cable?

heres the procedure straight from the ford repair manualBattery CablesRemovalAll vehiclesDisconnect the battery ground cables. Disconnect the auxiliary ground cables.Disconnect the battery ground cableDisconnect the battery power cables. Disconnect the auxiliary ground cables.Disconnect the battery power cable.Disconnect the mass air flow (MAF) sensor electrical connectorDisconnect the positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) tube.Detach the air cleaner and secure to one sideDisconnect the ground cableDetach the battery cables from the retaining clipsDisconnect the starter motor solenoid electrical connectorDisconnect the engine ground cable. Raise and support the vehicle.Disconnect the starter motor electrical connectorsDisconnect the generator electrical connectorRemove the battery cables To install, reverse the removal procedure

How do you reset the computer on a 1992 dodge Dakota with a 3.9 l v6?

Scan tool ot battery disconnect.Scan tool ot battery disconnect.

How do you change the spark plugs in 2003 PT Cruiser?

Spark plugs in a car need to be replaced every once in awhile. To replace them, disconnect the battery, disconnect the cables, remove the old spark plugs, replace with new spark plugs, reconnect the cables, and reconnect the cat battery.

How do you replace battery on 1997 Pontiac transport?

Disconnect the battery negative, disconnect the battery positive, unbolt any brackets which are holding the battery in place (look to the bottom of the battery for these), pull the battery out, installation is the opposite of removal.

How do you disconnect battery on 98 Mercedes c230 battery?

Figure it out.

What does it mean when flashers and lights blink for several minutes after shutting the engine on a 1997 Toyota Previa It happened after the battery died Battery replaced but flashing continues?

I have that problem check the water level of your battery, i find if i top up battery water, the flashing stops.

Which side of battery do you disconnect to stop the battery running down in a vehicle not being used for a while?

Disconnect the negative cable.

Do you have to disconnect or remove battery to change drivers headlamp on Lexus ES300?

As long as the headlight are turned off, you do not have to disconnect the battery.

You have a 2004 Ford Crown Vic Police Interceptor your department just replaced your car battery and now the interior light does not come on when you open the door Can it be reset?

Under the glove box is a blue connector, disconnect it and disconnect the battery. After 30 seconds reconnect the battery and it should work. Leave the blue connector open for the lights to come on with the doors.

Do you have to disconnect battery before charging?