How to do a magic spell?

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Hide a coin between you fingers where nobody can see. Flick the coin to where they can see it and say it was magic.

you need a candle of the right color, the right moon phase and some magic oil . Oui la, a magic spell

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2010-12-12 21:30:21
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Q: How to do a magic spell?
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Where is the magic spell book?

It would be helpful to know which magic spell book you are referring to.

How do you make a real spell?

You can't. a "real spell" would require magic, and there is no such thing as magic.

What is a magic spell that makes you lose weight?

There is only fake magic not real magic.

How do you make spell in doodle god?

Magic + Knowledge = Spell

Is magic cards spell cards the same thing?

Spell cards and Magic cards are the same. The reason for the confusion is because Magic cards were changed to Spell cards during the release of Magician's Force.

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What is a indigenous magic spell?

A spell practiced by a group of local people. Voodo would be a good example of indigenous magic.

How do you do magic in secret builders?

If you have magic I mean spells go to an builder's profile click on spells click on your spell and click twice then the magic will spell on his/her body ! (simple)

What is the magic spell for the bunny spell?

I don't think anyone knows.

What spell gives people magic?

There is no spell to GIVE you magic because everyone can use it but there are people born in these world who are magic like people who just comand and do not have to cast spells but they can other people have to say rymhey words and there you just cast a spell but there is a spell to increase your magic skill but it is black magic that calls for witch blood so sorry i am not doing it

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