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You would use the search feature on the computer. Right click on the Start button and choose Search. Put the file name, with its extension (ie. doc, xls), into the file name field. Scroll down to the search "in" field and select Drive C. (there is a down arrow) Then, click search. Some or all may be different versions of the same file. In the list, you should be able to rename them by right clicking and inserting "a", "b" and so on to the different versions. That way, you'll know which one you are in.

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What is a folder in a computer?

Folder is a database of files means that if you have more files then you can arrange them to a separate folder which contain the type.

When you save on a computer where does it save to?

I need more details. If saving a file off the internet it usually goes into the Downloads folder. If you are saving in another manner, example a Word document, then the file will have another default folder it goes to, like Documents.

What is the function of a computer folder?

Folders, or the more accurate term directory, is more of a organizational feature. A folder is basically a file that stores the addresses of the files that is assigned to it.

How many pictures can be saved in one computer folder?

There is no limit per folder - it depends on the capacity of the media that the folder exists on, but its not recommended to save many pictures (thousands) in one folder, its will slow down the computer performance. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ When someone wants to access a file in the folder it is typical to get the operating system to open the folder. As the o/s list the files in the folder it will take longer to do so the more files there are.

What is your computer folder?

A Folder, is a storage area which would hold your Programs, and your work. More complicated, there would be folders with other folders in them known as Sub-Folders which can hold more specific names.

What is the purpose of document organization?

Staying organized with documents can make your work more efficient - and they are easy to find and move when unforeseen event such as fire happens. Document organizing also effective in in computer, with the same purpose - efficiency.

When I open my PSP folder on the computer when my PSP is plugged in I can't find folders for music pictures or videos or games?

you must first create each folder for example if you create an music folder it must be in capslike this MUSIC ect if your folder is not in caps you psp will not reconise it make sure all the folders you make have caps for more information email me at or my youtube channel at TreycoTech

Does a computer typically have more hard drive space or ram?

yes,Because the hard drive is for store files and folder and ram make computer run faster and more ram more faster.

Where can one find more information on folder encryption?

Folder encryption is a form of disk encryption where individual files or directories are encrypted by the file system itself. More information can be found at Microsoft.

What is a sub folder and a sub level folder?

A sub folder is when you put a folder in another folder and a sub level folder is when you put more than one sub folder in another sub folder.....

How do you download pictures from camera to computer?

If you want to put the picture onto a folder on the computer then connect your camera to your PC (or Mac) with the connecting cable (usually a USB cable), which you usually get with the camera you received, then go on its files and copy and paste the picture into the folder. That way you have more space on your camera and have the pic saved on your computer.

Which document require for import computer?

Sorry, but your question is too cryptic to give an answer. Please give more details! What do you mean by "import computer?"

Where is your spam folder for Gmail?

Click More and you will see more options, including your spam folder.

What is a computer network and what are they good for?

A computer network is a connection between different computers. It is used to share information (for example, share a folder of pictures), and resources (for example, a printer is used by more than one computer).

What is the definition of computer DOC?

A document is a form of information . A document can be put into an electronic form and stored in a computer as one or more file s. Often a single document becomes a single file. An entire document or individual parts may be treated as individual data items. As files or data, a document may be part of a database . Electronic Document Management (EDM ) deals with the management of electronically-stored documents. When using certain computer application programs such as a word processor , a document is the unit of saved work. Each document is saved as a uniquely named file.

What is involved in electronic document management?

Electronic document management is the transferring of documents from paper to a computer file. Managing all documents in an electronic document makes finding files faster, more efficient and cheaper.

Do you spend more than a minute to find important document or paper?


How do you get your system32 back?

Unless you have a back up of your computer from before you deleted the system32 folder there is no way to get it back The only option I can think of is to wipe your hard drive and re-install the OS Sorry about your luck, Remember kids deleting the system32 folder will not speed up your computer, the more you know.

Can you hide any folder in a system which could not be found when you search for it?

a file folder can be hidden by changing its properties, and you can always create false pathways (lagre amounts of misleading compounded files) to make it more difficult to find a folder if not using a search

Can you create more than 20 folders in a folder?

Yes, you can. (All I did to check was made a new folder, and inside that folder created twenty-one more, and it allowed me to.)

How can you determine the memory of computers?

The memory of a computer may be verified by checking the RAM in the System folder. If one wishes to add more memory to one's computer, it is sold by Newegg and Tiger Direct.

What are the good points of a computer?

we can find informations in computer,store data,go to net and find more information,etc

If there are two sentences one is Please find the attached document and other is Please find attached the document which one is correct?

While both phrases are commonly used, neither is correct. "I have attached the document" is more direct. Here's another way you can phrase it: "Jane and I have revised the document (attached)."

What is different between a file and a folder?

folder consist of more than 1 file

How many people use a computer within their business?

a lot of people use a computer within their businesses and to this day we are still adding more people to that number. more businesses use them in exchange for a written document.