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Just about every major city has at least one and usually several shops that specialize in radiator repair. They remove the "caps" or "tanks" of the radiators and run a rod through the small tubes. The process is called "rodding" the radiator. The parts are then dipped in a solvent and cleaned again. The radiator is then re-assembled and you are ready with a radiator that is like new. Some of the newer radiators, with the platic cans are not as suitable for this process. Also, the brass radiators can be soldered if there are leaks, making them somewhat more desirable. But then, some of the newer radiators seem to keep going for a long time, so it's all just a crap-shoot.

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Q: How to fix a clogged radiator?
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Can you fix clogged radiator?

yes take it out and T bag it

How do you fix ford ranger radiator overflowing?

If your truck is overheating!!! Then check the upper radiator and lower radiator hose's , if the lower is cooler the the upper the either the thermostat is not opening or the radiator is clogged

How do you use radiator in a sentence?

My radiator is clogged.

What are the signs of a bad radiator?

A bad radiator is a radiator that is leaking or clogged. If you are loosing coolant then you have a leak that should be easy to find if the leak is at the radiator. If it is clogged your engine will overheat.

Why do dodge neons overheat?

faulty water pump, electric fan, or a clogged radiator> With dodge motors it is usually a clogged radiator. Drain it

Can you fix a blocked radiator without replacing it?

Absolutly, there are tools for fixing clogged radiators but I recommend you play it safe and take it to a certified repair shop.

What parts are needed to fix the radiator in a car?

The parts that are needed to fix a car radiator depends on what is wrong with the radiator. It would be best to have the radiator fixed by a professional.

How do you determine clogged auto radiator?

poor water circulation

What will cause the car temperature run hot if you have replaced the radiator and the thermostat?

the hoses leading to and from your radiator might be clogged. If you had a rusty radiator, the rust may have clogged the hoses that carry the coolant. you should check all your hoses and even flush them out.

How do fix a radiator?

The first step that you can take to fix a radiator is to see if it needs to be bled. To bleed a radiator you will need a radiator bleed key. Unscrew the valve at the side of the radiator and when the first drop of water comes out, close the valve again. If this does not fix the radiator you will need to call in a plumber.

What do you if your car overheats because when you depress the accelerator the water hose to the radiator closes in?

The hose is soft and mushy inside. Replace the hose. Possible clogged radiator. Replace the hose first. You also might have a clogged radiator core. Have a reputable radiator shop check and flush your cooling system.

How do you fix a clogged shower on virtual families?

not possible

Why is your impala holding coolant in the reservoir and not getting to the radiator?

it sounds like its clogged.

How can you fix a radiator crack the crack is at the top of the radiator on plastic it is not big in length nor width?

what should i use to fix a small crack on top of radiator. on a 1998 ford ranger what should i use to fix a small crack on top of radiator. on a 1998 ford ranger

How do you fix clogged catalytic converter on 1999 catera?

Replace it

How do you fix blocked radiator?

get billy to

Petcock is clogged?

A clogged radiator petcock can be cleared by first removing it entirely from the vehicle. It can then be flushed out with water or compressed air until flow is returned.

How do you fix the clogged shower on virtual families?

Drag them to the red boxes in the workroom , they will automatically fix the shower

What will cause a Hyundai Elantra to overheat?

It could be the radiator is clogged. The thermostat could be bad (prevents the coolant from circulating from radiator to engine block)

Why after the replacement of the radiator the car still overheats in a 1997 Toyota Camry 2000 cc model what else could be wrong?

Overheating problems are caused by clogged radiator, non-functioning cooling fan, defective thermostat, defective water pump, defective or incorrect radiator cap, clogged water ports in engine, or collapsing radiator hose.

What tools can be used to fix a clogged sink?

The most nessecary tools needed to fix a clogged sink are a plunger to extract the material clogging the sink and a sewer snake to hook and extract the debris.

Signs of clogged radiator?

Engine overheating or cooling fan running all the time.

How do I fix a 2004 ford focus when it has a leaking radiator?

Replace radiator 1-800 radiator or

When the car is running it pumps the coolant out of the overflow tank. It is a 1998 Cadillac Deville 4.6L engine. Do I have a bad radiator cap What are the symptoms of a bad radiator cap.?

your radiator clogged up.cheaper to get a new radiator. nothing to do with the radiator cap.

How do you fix a stripped drain plug on the radiator of 1992 airostar?

take it to a radiator shop