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Most of the time, the fuel gauge is not the problem. The problem rests with the sending unit in the fuel tank. To fix it, you must replace the sending unit. This is done in different ways depending on the position of the tank in your particular truck.

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Q: How to fix the fuel gauge on your Chevy truck?
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How do you fix a 1999 Chevrolet truck fuel gauge?

Replace the fuel leveling sensor that is on the fuel sending unit that's inside of the fuel tank.

How do you reset radio in a Chevy Venture?

My fuel gauge, odometer and radiator gauge isn't working and my radio says locked. How can I fix this?

1983 full size Chevy truck Gas gauge always reads full How do you fix?


Can you repair a fuel gauge problem on 2007 chvy truck without changing the fuel pump?

I'm NOT 100% sure on this answer but do this and we will find out. If you are having a fuel gauge problem then CALL a Chevy parts house and ask them if they sell a FUEL LEVELING SENSOR by itself. If they do then buy it and install it on the fuel sending unit that is inside of the fuel tank and that will fix your gauge for awhile. Overtime the sulfur in the gas COATS the fuel leveling sensor and the gauge goes crazy. You may have to buy the WHOLE fuel pump sending unit just to fix your gauge. That will be A costly repair. Like I said, Don't know if they sell it by itself or not.

How to fix a fuel gauge on a 1997 dodge ram 1500?

The normal causes of an inoperative fuel gauge is the sending unit in the tank. Since the truck is 15+years old you might as well replace the fuel pump when you have the fuel tank removed.

How to fix 2001 Chevy s-10 fuel gauge?

More than likely the sending unit in the fuel tank is bad. The fuel tank has to be removed to gain acces to it.

How do you fix the gas gauge when it doesnt register ther is a check gauge light on?

Most fuel gauge problems are the result of a faulty fuel gauge sending unit located in the fuel tank.

How do i fix my gas gauge to read how much gas is in my truck?

In most cases it is the sending unit located in the fuel tank that is at fault. Replacement is necessary.

How do you fix a fuel gauge on a seadoo spx?

Take out the fuel gauge and fish for the magnet inside the fuel tank. Then disassemble the fuel gauge to replace the broken magnet. Reassemble and replace. Done...

How can you fix gas gauge in 2006 Chevy Trailblazer?

Have a mechanic test the fuel sensor circuit. Likely the sensor has gone bad and will require replacement.

How do you fix the fuel gauge on a 1992 Chevy Blazer?

Find out what's wrong and replace the broken part. It's either a fuse, the sending unit (in the tank) the gauge (in the dash) or a damaged wire or connector.

How do you fix your fuel gauge on your 82 cutlass?

The cause of the faulty fuel gauge is probably the fuel gauge sending unit located inside the fuel tank. Replacing the sending unit would require dropping the fuel tank.

How fix a gas gauge Chevy S-10?

Most likely the sending unit inside the fuel tank is faulty. The fuel tank must be removed to gain access to the sending unit.

2001 Chevy silverado fuel gauge will show empty after I have filled the gas tank. When I start to drive it will start to work sometimes. It seams to fix it self when the fuel lowers to about 34?

You fuel float my have a hole in it or be fuel logged.Replacement is advised.

Fuel gauge not working how to fix 1986 Ford F-150?

how do i go about fixing my fuel gauge in my 1986 ford f150

How do you fix the fuel gauge and the temperature gauge on a 1990 Ford Ranger The fuel gauge sits just above empty until the truck is started then it drops below empty The temp gauge does not move at?

Try to see if there is a common ground wire to these 2 gauges. If there is make sure it is grounded to a clean dry grounding site and see if this helps.

How do you fix a fuel gauge on a 2004 silhouette van?

Most fuel gauge problems are caused by a faulty fuel gauge sending unit. The fuel gauge sending unit is located inside the fuel tank. In most cases the fuel tank must be removed to replace the sending unit.

How do you fix a fuel gauge on a 1994 940?

Try hitting the dashboard directly above the fuel gauge. A nice thump might release a gauge one a Volvo.

What can I do to fix my out of wack fuel gauge in your 1995 Honda Accord LX?

If your fuel gauge is out of wack, go to the local parts store and orfer some fuel gauge wack. Pour it directly into the gauge until it is full of wack..........

How do you fix the gas gauge on a 93 blazer?

Several things can cause the gas gauge to not work. Check the fuel gauge fuse, the wiring, the gauge, and the fuel sending unit to find the problem.

How do you fix a 2002 Chevy cavalier when the fuel gauge and speedometer has stopped working?

A blown fuse can cause your fuel gauge and speedometer to stop working. Replace the fuse. The fuse can be found in the fuse box. The location of the fuse will be listed on the inside cover of the fuse box.

How do you fix cranckshaft on a 1970 Chevy truck?

More information is needed.

How do you fix a broken speedometer and fuel gauge on a 2001 vw beetle?

To fix a broken speedometer and fuel gauge on a VW beetle, the parts need to be taken out and replaced. This can be done at any Volkswagen dealership.Ê

87 Toyota pickup fuel gauge not working?

1 The sending unit for the fuel gauge is broken. 1 Fix, drop the the tank. Or remove the bed. On the top of the tank is 2 circle shaped caps. One has metal hoses and wires (fuel pump) and the other smaller of the 2 has just wires fuel gauge sending unit. The gas gauge sending unit is a dealer part. Some used parts shops have them but you run the risk of having to fix the issue again. 2 The gauge it's self is bad. 2 Fix, Go to walmart. Buy a cheap gas gauge. Remove the gauge cluster from the truck and run jumpers wires from the old fuel gauge to the new. Turn the key on and enjoy. Or buy a used gauge cluster and plug and play.

How to fix my gas gauge 1990 Mazda b2200 truck?

first thing is to work out which part is at fault? I would start with dash gauge, find wire at fuel tank which goes to gauge, earth this wire out to body while having friend watch fuel gauge, if it goes straight to full it mean dash gauge is good but sender unit in fuel tank is probably at fault. Go to car wreckers for s/h part.