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How to get unmuted on RuneScape?


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-Follow the rules. -Report people, and behave- -Make sure no one knows your password. If it's appealable. The thing to do here is. Go to And then type in "Sample Apology letter" Or something like that. Copy and paste it (SINCE IT'S A SAMPLE IT'S OKAY TO TAKE) If you still aren't sure about it, then just copy and paste it and then edit it. Here is an example: Dear Jagex, I am sorry and embarrassed. But most of all, I'm deeply sorry. I know the things I did are wrong, and I promise you I can behave better then this, this person __________________________ was making my angry, and I just got very upset, I'm sorry for behaving in a obscene way, I know that my behavior was vulgar, and I know I can do better. I'd love to have another chance to prove you wrong, I can do better, and next time I'll use the ignore button, or I'll just walk away. Sincerly, Babyescnady29 Or just make up a story, "My friend was watching me play, and then I told him to wait here, I had to go use the washroom, and when I left he started doing stupid things to my account, because of what I did yesturday, although I thought we were cool with it, he still was upset and instead decided to take it out on my Runescape charactor, I realize what the lesson is here. I know next time to make sure to keep my account secure by logging out, even if I leave the room for 2 minutes." Something like: "YOU STUPID IDIOTS! LET ME BE UNMUTED, I JUST SWOAR AT SOME ONE SO WHAT?! THEY COULD HAVE PUT ME ON IGNORE, I'll BLOW UP YOUR COMPANY, AND SHOOT DOWN ANDREW AND PAUL!" Isn't going to get you unmuted. Therefore, basically... You've got the idea of how to get unmuted in the realms of Runescape.