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How to get your 'friend' to tell you secrets?


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If he/she can't trust you with their secrets, then you shouldn't trust them, but that doesnt mean you cant be their friend anymore. Hope I helped!!!!

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If that friend is a true friend they will accept your secret no matter what. So if you really trust that friend and you know they trust you then you should tell them your secrets. but if its a friend that you only talk to every now and then, then it would b best not to tell them your secrets.

Usually you can just tell. If not, then ask them. They are your friend after all and they should trust you with their secrets.

I promised my friend I would not tell anyone.

ummm............ everyone has someone to tell there secrets to( best friend).

-be honest-be there for them when they need you-don't tell their secrets

Everyone holds back some secrets for one reason or another. If you know you can trust your best friend and tell them what you are about to say is confidential then tell them the lesser of any secrets you may have to test your friend's ability to keep the secret. If your friend cannot keep the secret and tells other it will be less damaging and embarrassing to you. If they can keep that secret after a couple of months then you should feel free to tell your secrets to your best friend.

dont tell her any secrets anymore or ou can tell her how u feel and maybe shell stop same for boys

You can't trust just who you would like. You can trust your mother or a best friend. But do not trust your secrets more that 1 friend and that friend must be your true best friend. Think before you tell your secrets !

tell the guy stuff about your friend like embarrasing stuff or secrets that might put him of your friend

I wouldn't be too surprised about this happening because your friend has to deal with both the committment to you and to her friend. Whether you told your friend not to tell her friend or not, just clarify that in the future you don't want secrets to be told. If that doesn't work, don't trust your friend with secrets.

tell ur friends the truth be nice keep their secrets. don't gossip when they tell you stuff

you can tell that the friendship is true when u can trust your friend with all your secrets and if he/she is always there for you. As well as when your friend trusts you and never leaves you in tough times.

I think a true friend is someone who wants to hang out with you a lot. A true friend is someone you could tell anything you wouldn't tell to someone else. A true friend keeps your deepest secrets.

Yes because if you don't their are possibilitys that she will find out and think you are not a real friend by keeping secrets

When you friend is keeping secrets from you it is best to confront them to get clarity

If you and you friend are divulging secrets, then you are not very nice people.

Make a scrapbookMake friendship braceletsTell secretsHave a sleepover

well, to have someone to talk to when depressed. To have someone to push you to things, to have someone to trust and tell your secrets to. If you have a friend that doesn't do any of that, she/he is NOT your friend

Your crush, best guy friend, when and who you lost your virginity to, best girl friend, if your straight or not, and anything that happened in your life that you didn't tell anyone

AnswerGot the perfect solution for you. Trust no one especially if the secret is really big. Keep it to yourself as the one who confided in you will eventually find out that you blabbed the secret.ANSWERYou know when to trust a friend when in the past you have told them secrets and they had never told anyone! Or maybe a best friend that you have that you share everything with and they even tell you everything! A good friend would not tell a secret that you have no matter how minor it is but i will tell you a good friend may tell your secret when they think that it will put you or someone else in danger! But i have to agree the best thing to do with a secret is to keep it to yourself unless maybe the secret is something very big and you feel like you must tell someone. But also keep in mind no matter how old you get you could always tell your parents because they always know what is best for you and they would never spred the secret! By missy177ANSWERMake sure that that friend has never told anyone any secrets of yours, and make sure they tells you all THEIR secrets, because if you keep telling them secrets, and they never tell any to you, you know they are not a very good friend. Also, if a friend makes fun of you for any secrets that you tell them, they shouldn't be trusted, because they might make fun of you behind your back with somebody else.

When the friend is with you in happiness and in time when you are sad........ in times you need some one's help............. and the one to which you can tell everything freely........ and there is no fear that she will revel your secrets

well this happened to me with my best friend okay and what i did is i went straight up to her and i told her i knew you told someone my secret and if you cant keep my secrets i don't know if we should be friends i mean i think your really nice and like your my friend but you need to be able to keep my secrets. and sense i told her that she has kept everyone of my secrets and you don't have to say like i don't know if we should be friends you can just say like then i am not telling you any of my secrets. well that's the best advice i can give you.I would tell them to be my friend and keep my secrets safe or our friendship can be untruthful and be a bunch of lies.thats the best 2coolgirl can give yah! .

tell your friend one of your deepest secrets, let them tell one person if they really want to."tell your friend one of your deepest secrets, let them tell one person if they really want to.if it turns bad like rumor being spread say it's not true."if it turns bad like rumor being spread say it's not true.only your true friend will believe you but that way you will know who you can trust.well that's your advise from me to you hope it worksgood luck xxx

there is a difference with her just wanting to be a friend or wanting to be more than that if she is just a friend she just tells you some secrets and you know there is more than those secrets and she only sometimes walks with you and never holds your hand that means that she just wants to be a friend but if she tells you all her secrets and you know she is not hiding any and she always stares @ you and always walks with you and sometimes holds your hand that is how you tell if she likes you and if this does not help you than go to you tube and search ways to tell if a girl likes you trust me im a girl

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