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How to get your dog back after you gave him to the Humane Society?


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you have to pay for him to get him back

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If a dog has rabies, then a humane society MUST kill the dog. it depends if its a no-kill shelter or not. You need to call and find out if they euthanize dogs or not.

You can get a dog at a pet store, humane society, and there are dog for sale ads in the new paper.

Yes, you can.If you'd rather have your dog die of old age,instead of being put to sleep, take him to the humane society.

There are few requirements to be able to adopt a puppy, or a dog of any age, from the Humane Society. They will judge your character and make sure you are a good fit for the dog by seeing how you interact. You should have a cage ready to take the dog home. The Humane Society wants the dogs to find homes, so the process isn't made too hard.

I don't knoqw from KY but in the Oregon humane socienty is't $100

The place is called a Humane- Society. Or a dog shelter.

The cheapest place is a humane society also an animal shelter!

You should always get a dog at a Humane Society because the dogs there are the ones who need you most. Never venture through pet stores or puppy mills or breeders. At the Humane Society, it is guarenteed the dogs there are given proper care and another chance. Just remember that when you adopt from the Humane Society, you are benefiting by adopting and rescuing a doggie's life. And when you rescue a life, you save the world.

Well, three of them are the ASPCA, COPS, and The Houston Humane Society

The animal will likely go to a family member. If not then a humane society.

If someone's dog was abused I think they would tell the humane society or animal control and find out who abused them.

Rescuing the beaten dog was very humane.

A good place to get your dog is at a rescue center, a humane society, or from a reputable breeder. Dogs that are sold in pet shops come from puppy mills.

I think Blue is the cutest dog in the world. She is super funny and the cutest dog

No they do not. Animals up for adoption from the humane society or shelter often have no past and any that is given is only based on the old owners word. You can return the dog and get your money back.

Rescuing the injured dog was very humane.

The fee for adoption depends on which shelter or humane society you visit. I have seen dogs available for anywhere from $50-$300. The only way to know for certain is to contact the specific shelter that you're interested in adopting from.

If your dog is hurt you can call the RSPCA or a local animal humane society they will arange for your dog to be looked at. Even if you are short of money.

Either the Humane Haven Animal Shelter which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to finding good homes for homeless dogs and cats, or the Bolingbrook Humane Society.

It depends, who did you give your dog to? Go find the person you gave your dog to then ask for your dog back. Simple as that. :|

A small dog rescued as an adult (so you know it will remain small) from a humane society or animal rescue. Breeds and mixes may vary.

Benedryl shouldn't be used to euthanize a dog. Contact your vet, or your local humane society or animal shelter.

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