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Your best bet would be to find the CD changer the same as the brand of your radio. Such as Kenwood radio, get a kenwood CD changer. The factory CD changer will not work with most newer radios installed. And unless you like running wires to the back of your SUV it would save you lots of time to get another CD changer. That is what I did and it works just fine.

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Q: How to hook up a factory 6 disco CD changer to an aftermarket CD player in a ford explorer?
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How do you hook up a 6 disco CD changer to an aftermarket CD player?

It depends on the make/model of the CD Changer. Most aftermarket headunits have a compatible manufacture made changer. If you do not have a compatible unit you can purchase an FM Modulator for that changer. The modulator takes the signal and broadcasts it over a radio frequency.

Can I use my aftermarket cd changer with a new cd player?

This depends on the type of CD Changer and the specific brand of CD player. Some might be compatible while others may not be.

Will your factory DVD player work with a aftermarket radion in a 2003 Lincoln aviator?


How do you install a CD Changer in a 1997 Eldorado without a stock CD player?

It depends on the make/model of the CD Changer. Most aftermarket headunits have a compatible manufacture made changer. If you do not have a compatible unit you can purchase an FM Modulator for that changer. The modulator takes the signal and broadcasts it over a radio frequency.

Why doesn't my CD-R play on my car CD player?

If you have a factory CD player, an old aftermarket CD player, or a cheap aftermarket CD player it most likely is not CD-R compatible or your music is in a format that the player doesn't support such as; AAC, WMA, and a few others. Your only option would be to get a new CD player that is compatible with mp3 cds, or if your stereo supports an external CD changer(alot of radios do, even factory radios) you can get a CD changer that supports mp3 cds, or just live with only listening to regular cds in your car. To get a better idea of your options you should go to your local car audio shop and talk to them about your issue. Also there is a possibility that you have a defective disk, burner, or had a problem when your disk was burned(happens alot). Try the disk in another player(not a computer). Aftermarket= did not come on the car originally.

Does a 1995 C280 Mercedes Benz have a CD player?

The 1995 C280 came with a tape player. There is an optional 6 disc CD changer that would be mounted on the inner side of the trunk if equipped. This was about a $700 option from the factory, only about 50% of c class' ended up with a CD changer. This part can also be dealer installed if not equipped from the factory.

How do you fix 6 CD changer for a 2003 Lincoln ls?

LOL that happened with my 03 too. i was told i can have ford take it out & they can send it to tha factory & repair it or you can replace it for $600+ or do what i did & got a aftermarket touch screen CD player for $400 & it sounds even better!

How do you change to an aftermarket CD player in a 1991 Dodge caravan?

Visit your local Best Buy store, they have a mounting kit that adapts an aftermarket CD player to fit the opening. They also have a wiring harness that plugs directly into the factory wiring. You will have to solder the wiring harness to the CD player, but this is the best way to go. If you follow all of the directions the install will look like a factory installation.

How can you tell if your 2003 Lincoln Navigator had a factory DVD player installed if there is an aftermarket one in now?

Factory cover housing should match with the rest of the vehicle. After market are always all black.

How do you get CD out of a Mazda tribute multi CD player?

I have a 2001 MAZDA tRIBUTE WITH A FACTORY 6 DISK CD CHANGER. Can't get cds to load or eject. Radio and cassteet player work fine.

Where is CD player 1999 Lincoln Continental radio?

i have a 99 continental and it has a factory CD changer mounted in the trunk. i have seen some mounted in the center counsel as well.

How do you install an aftermarket CD player into a 1975 nova?

You have 2 options. You can enlarge the the factory mounting area by cutting it to fit with a hacksaw or mount it under the dash.

Only half of your display on your CD player works can you fix it?

in most cases, it is cheaper to buy an aftermarket stereo than it is to try and repair a factory one.

Do you have to put a CD player for subwoofers?

no, a factory CD player can be used in a vehicle that has subwoofers attached. as long as the factory CD player in the vehicle has treble, bass, and subwoofer controls on it, it will be fine. if not, an aftermarket CD player will be the solution. with subwoofers, you need to control the amount of power that are ran through them. the amplifier is a control, but if not set correctly on the CD player, you could blow your subwoofers.

How do you install a CD player and changer in 1997 Lincoln Town Car And parts needed.?

Depends on your head unit. If you have a factory CD controller (has a button that says CD on it), you will need a OEM changer unit and harness that goes from behind the rear seat to the changer. If you want to install a new radio, there are many options. Brian

What is the best radio 1995 Buick Skylark?

I like the factory radio with the CD player. If you're looking for aftermarket, go to They have installation kits too.

Can you install a radio in your 2005 ford explorer and not lose your factory DVD player?

I recently replaced the factory radio in my 1999 EB Explorer and, while the new radio had a CD player in it, I lost the use of the 6 CD changer in the armrest. Also, if you have steering wheel controls or rear seat controls, you may need to also install an add on, assuming the radio has an infrared remote control, to enable these controls. I also did this and it works reasonably well.I used Crutchfield and they are very helpful in answering questions you may have - you should try that

Where is the aux input jack charger rt 2007?

If you have the standard CD player then it should be to the bottom right of the CD tray. If you have the factory nav or the 6 Cd changer w/ cassette then there is no aux.

If you install an aftermarket CD player into a 1991 300zx will the factory Bose speakers work?

Yes>>assuming you use the wire-adapter connection plugs sold seperatly

2000 Beetle CD player says No Changer when you push the button does that mean that it doesn't come equipt with a player or is it hidden?

It is available as an extra (6 CD changer, boot mounted)

Can you use an aftermarket DVD player to replace the factory DVD player in a 2003 Chevrolet trailblazer?

Assuming the aftermarket DVD player is for automobile: If the DVD manufacturer states that it could be used for the Trailblazer, it is likely that it will work. You might have to modify the bracket holder, the fascia and some other trim pieces. If you try to use a DVD player that does not design for the vehicle, the electrical connector and wiring will be incomparable with the ones in the vehicle and it won't work.

How do you replace 6 disc CD player in a 1996 Lincoln Continental?

is the whole unit a changer or is the changer in the trunk or something or under a seat?

Can I use a car CD changer easily with an existing CD player?

Normally and adapter or FM modulator is available with a new CD changer.

What is the factory version explorer for Windows 7?

After months of downloading the adobe flash player then deleting it, I finally realized that explorer 9x64 will not let it work although sometimes it works in youtube. This makes no sense. I found this out only by ESPN's informative web help. Yahoo tricks you into upgrading to the 64 bit and the thing want support flash player. So what is the factory version?

What is the difference between a CD player and a CD changer?

a cd player is designed to hold and play only 1 cd at a time where a cd changer can hold multiple cds and will let you select which cd to play. you will have to remember which cd is in which place in the player