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How to import a car from Dubai?

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Run a search on car exporters in Dubai and contact one of them, alternatively contact me - I export cars from Japan, many of the cars in Dubai for export originally come from Japan.

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Wikianswers is so unsecure that I can type in anything I want to.

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There are several companies in Dubai that provide car rental services. Two examples are Europcar, a well-known car rental company across the world, and Dubai Car Rental, a local company. But there's a brand new website: that connects people looking for rental cars online straight to local car rental agencies in Dubai. You can check the prices for each available car and contact the agency providing it instantly.

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Fujairah is roughly 2 hours by car from Dubai and the distance by road is roughly 250km.

The Hilton Dubai Creek is located on Baniyas Street in Dubai. Dubai is in the United Arab Emirates. The hotel's website says that the hotel is around 10 minutes from the airport by car or taxi.

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