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I use a product called CrystaLenz, it works really good and its is very easy to use. Check out their website for more info if you have any questions you can call for advice.

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โˆ™ 2006-02-03 01:15:57
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Q: How to make 1993 Mazda protege lens covers clear again?
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typemake, model, code into your computer .i have a list of codes and there is no p1105 code, clear your machine and try again

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Flooded in the river or flooded by gas? Any "check engine lights"? Full gas pedal depression is the normal way to clear gas flooding or first remove the spark plugs and blow out the excess gas.

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I found the answer here:

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I'm the person who post this question, and I just want to make clear that use premium gasoline didn't help nORMALL THIS IS CAUSED BY YOUR INGITION TIMING BEING TOO FAR ADVANCE. sOMETIMES CAUSED BY VACUUM HOSE LEAK

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WHY IS MY 1999 protege running hot I put thermostatson last year?

Is the radiator clear of debris. Did you flush out the cooling system. Are there any blockages. It there sufficient coolant. Is the fan working properyly.

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