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How to make sure your hubs are unlocked in a 97 pathfinder?


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2011-09-13 05:42:01
2011-09-13 05:42:01

with 4-wheel drive engaged make a sharp turn at low speed. (2mph wheel turned max left or right) if it rolls in a circle smooth the hubs are unlocked. if it feels like it binds or is jerky while turing your hubs are still engaged

updated answerdon't ever make a sharp turn on pavement with 4 wheel drive engaged. you could easily break something in the front drive train.

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Put the car back in 2-wheel mode, then drive in reverse (in a straight line) for about 20 to 40 feet. This should fully disengage the hubs...this is a good safety if you've been driving in 4-wheel low.


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if you mean unlocked from a phone service then just go to your local phone shop, but make sure it is a franchise and ask for this phone to be unlocked

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If it has a manual transmission, put it into neutral.... if it has a manual transfer case (or an electronic one with a button to go into neutral), put that into neutral (and make sure you unlock the steer axle hubs). Otherwise, you'll have to remove the driveshafts... if the steer axle has manually locking hubs, you can keep that one attached and keep the hubs unlocked... otherwise, you'll have to disconnect that one from the front differential, as well.

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put in manual hubs. that is the best way to make sure that they get locked in every time.

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Yes it will. you need to make sure it is unlocked and a quad-band. in your case you should be good as long as it is unlocked

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Make sure the hubs are locked in, if they are manual hubs, be sure they are fully locked, if your transfer case is electronic I would check the fuse for it. Make sure you are getting power through the wires at the transfer case.

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