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there are a few things you can do,

-make him nice food.

-get him a present(only if you were in the wrong and have cash)

-apoligize(even if you were right)

but the best thing that always works on me is a big hug. really berry yourself in his neck. and sniff a bit. if he pushes away stay persistant

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โˆ™ 2010-01-08 14:46:56
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Q: How to make up to your boyfriend after a big fight?
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What to do if you had a seminarian boyfriend will you fight or give up?

fight if you love him and he loves you them fight for ur love dont give up

Your straight best friend has a boyfriend but you know she likes you how can you make her choose you?

dont make her choose you just wait intill she breaks up with her current boyfriend that way their wont be a fight

What do you do if you have a fight with your boyfriend who is also your fiance?

grow up

What do you do if your boyfriend yells at you?

fight back or break up with him

Should your boyfriend beat up this guy that keeps harrasing you?

It depends on how you and your boyfriend feel about the situation, if its not that big of a deal just let it go but if the guy is bothering you that much either you talk to him or have your boyfriend do it. If it gets bad enough and the guy starts a fight with your boyfriend then your boyfriend has all the right to beat up the other guy.

How do you talk to your boyfriend after a fight?

if its your fault... say sorry and make it up to him... doesnt matter how you make it up.. if my girlfriend messed up or we got in a fight and she did nething to make it up like by me something or give me somthin ^_^ then i would talk to her bout it and how we need to change things so it doesnt happen again...

What are the lyrics to Boyfriend by Big Time Rush?

go on youtube and look up boyfriend by big time rush and it will show u the lyrics of boyfriend by big time rush

How do you please your boyfriend after a big argument?

Ok.... this is an interesting question. It depends on the type of argument. Did he fight with you, did you fight with him, or did it just come up over where to go on a date? You never want to try to please your boyfriend, especially if he started the fight. I don't want to give you bad advice, but I say be true to yourself, and if he doesn't like you for you, that's his issue.

Your boyfriend and you had a huge fight he is the one who start the fight but its been two weeks since i have heard should i call him?

you should just tell him your sorry, and if you really love him, make it up to him somehow.

My best friend her boyfriend and I got into a fight on msn which ended up in a lot of tears how do i make it up to them?

if i were you i would tell them your sorry and i would stay off msn for a little bit!

How do you make up with your bf after a big fight and you were wrong?

APOLOGIZE and sincerely mean it....a nice gift wouldn't hurt either

What do you say when you and your boyfriend get into a fight?

bring up why your having the fight in the first place. then bring up something different like school then say you have got to go

What makes people sad?

other people because their boyfriend broke up with them or they had a fight

How do cats defend them selves?

they can hiss, they have their claws, and they can go up in that Halloween stage....they hunch up REALLY big to make them selves look REALLY big. or they can run away or go up a tree if that's not their fight

When you have a fight your boyfriend he doesn?

well if u have a fight with ur boyfriend i say leave him alone for a while then later tell him are u still mad at me? If he says no then ur all set.but if he says yes well then u tell him how can i make it up to u that I'm x trimly sorry!!!!

How do you make up to your mother after a big fight?

Just tell her your sorry and you really don't like fighting. She will most likely understand.

Should 1 year olds wear make-up?

No! Absolutely not!! Girls should only start wearing make-up when they are about 18. THEN they can have a boyfriend. ONE boyfriend.

How do you make your boyfriend feel bad the day after you both had your first real big fight?

You need to learn more about relationships, if you want to make him feel bad, you probably shouldn't be going out with him. If anything you should be the bigger person and say sorry, he'll end up feeling like a dick and then your wish is granted.

How long will it take for your boyfriend to calm down after a fight?

well it depends on the fight you two had but the best thing to do is not to bring it up and just sit it out

Will your boyfriend ever meet up with you?

If he's your boyfriend then yes. He should make time for you.

How do you make your 2 friends split up if you are the third wheel?

make your friends have a big fight so that they can't stand each other and then be best friends with one of them!

I was rude to my boyfriend. How do I make up with him?

you apoligize

What do you do if you like a girl who already has a boyfriend?

wait until she breaks up with her boyfriend and then make your move

What do you do if your boyfriend is two timing you?

If your boyfriend is cheating on you should break up with him. Because he likes someone else and he will make you look like a jerk if you try to break them up. You should find a new boyfriend a boyfriend that will be nice to you and love you. You will be happier and you will make him happy just to be with you.

How do you break up with your boyfriend for the second time?

Make sure