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How to open a locked car door?


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Depending on the make of the car, You can simply use a coat hanger. Carefully opening the hanger is a important step. Try to make this hanger as straght as possible. Next, from the top left corner of the window, measure witht he straightened hanger the legnth from corner to door handle. Next make a few bends in the hanger to figure how to graps/hook the handle. Next carefully insert the hooked part of the hanger into the weatherstriping, Lotion or other lubrecant can be used (use any means nessasary). Next extend the hanger inside until you can latch the handle. Pull carefully with one hand on the handle to pull incase the hanger slips off. For those of you how want to try to pop the lock , Remember there are wires and other materials you can get caught on. If you do try this depending on the make you can feel the latch either pull up or down, some times even sideways, until the lock pops up slowly remove the hanger... Now this is important to do. You can mess up the locking mechanisim, or hurt yourself. DO NOT TURN ON CAR WHILE HANGER IS INSERTED.. you can damage(shorting the computer) the electrical system. Try this on your own risk. electrical, mechanical or leagally. I do not take any responsiblity taken upon the actions used with any of this information. Just useful information I thought I'd share.


I would strongly urge that you don't put anything inside the cavity of your car door particularly if you have side impact air bags. The hanger could get caught or you could do more damage than good. If you have post type locks that sit on top of the door frame here is a quick remedy to get it unlocked. Items needed:

empty 1gallon plastic jug; medium grit sandpaper; super glue; scissors.

Cut the jug in half. Then cut 1 1/2 inches down the side of one half of the jug. Then cut a strip completely around the jug. You will have a 1 1/2 inch wide strip of the jug that will be about 12 inches in length. Cut a piece of sandpaper 2in. x1 1/2 in. and glue it in the crease that is close to the middle. Allow it to dry.

Opening your door: Fold your carton strip directly in the middle of the sand paper. Take a plastic spatula (plastic won't scratch your car) and insert it about 8 to 10 inches above the door frame and lock. This will ease your window/door open to allow you to now insert your unlock tool. Insert the plastic tool with the sand paper folded in the middle into the door about two to three inches above the lock. As you insert this push both sides into the window until it is about an inch past the lock then the edge that is against the window becomes stationary as you continue to push the outer edge to open your tool. Once you have opened it with enough of a loop to fit down onto your lock begin to slide it downward onto the lock. Once your tool completely envelopes your lock pull the outer edge so that it snugs around the lock. Begin to make slight sawing motions back and forth and at the same time begin lifting the latch/lock. The sand paper will grab the latch and allow you to pull it to the unlocked position. Good Luck. If you need further assistance post and I'll keep a check. MORE MUCH MORE SIMPLE Call a road service, AAA, or if you have ONStar call them and they can unlock it.


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You just push on it to open it. If the car is locked, the gas door will be locked also. The car needs to be unlocked in order to open the gas filler door.

if the car is locked no if its unlocked yes

You use your key to unlock the door. Then it will be open. If not, a locksmith can help.

If the spare key to the car is not readily available, call a car rescue company such as the AA, RAC or Green flag who should be able to assist you in getting your car door open.

Fuel door is locked when car locked, push on the forward part of door, the aft side will pop out.

The gas door is locked or unlocked with the other doors on the car. If the car doors are locked the gas door will not open. If the car is stopped with engine off and the doors unlocked you should be able to open the gas door by pushing on one side of it. If this doesn't work, you have an electrical or mechanical problem with the gas door.

Help. my grandson locked his keys in his car, how do we open the door?

Not if the door was locked.Not if the door was locked.

If you locked your own keys in your own car, you would need to call a locksmith to open the door and get them out. You would need to pay him for that service.

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There is not release. The fuel door has a lock. When the doors are locked, the fuel door is locked. When the doors are unlocked the fuel door is unlocked. When the doors are unlocked, press on the front of the fuel door (the side closest to the front of the car). It should pivot open.

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If a door is locked, no, the raccoon cannot open the door. However, if the door is not locked, a raccoon can learn to operate a door knob and get inside.

Try the door handle, it might not be locked.

Don't open your car door into traffic. Use the other door.

Call a locksmith to unlock the door or buy a slim Jim or Break cheapest window

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