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Answer rebuilding Chevy 350 engineit would take for ever to walk you through rebuilding a 350 however go to a checker auto store or somewhere similar they have great books that will take you through each step of the process that is how i learned and to let you know a small block 350 is the easiest engine you will ever rebuild hope that helps

I have a great book as the person above answered, the book is called how to rebuild your small-block's written by David Vizard. you will never need more info. to rebuild a sm. block than is in this book. pictures, and easy instructions. the cost when i purchased it was $14.95 that was about 16 yrs. ago. I got it in a book store in the research dept.

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2011-09-13 05:43:14
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Q: How to rebuild a Chevy 350 engine?
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