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The best thing to do is spray oil sheen on the glue, rinse with warm water and saturate the hair with a heavy conditioner. Let the hair sit with the conditioner for awhile, until it dries. Wet it again, rinse and apply more conditioner. Work it out GENTLY with a wide tooth comb. It should come out.

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Q: How to remove bonding glue from hair?
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What is the most simple rapid hair weaving method?

Hair Bonding With Hair Glue

What is the best hair extension glue cold bonding?

the best hair glue for me is got to be glued it really works

How do you remove fake hair glue?

The best way to remove fake hair glue is with bond remove specifically designed for the product. You can also remove glue with oils.

Is hair bonding permanent if yes how can i take it off if no how long is it going to stay...i think its not glue?

Hair bonding is not permanent.

How do you remove bonding glue from jeans?

Scrub with 'Shout', then wash in warm water,

Can you relax your hair after removing bonding glue?

Most of the time I perm my hair to get the glue out and it works for me. Just be sure not to wash your hair before doing so. Remove the glue using oil sheen spraying it directly where the hair is bonding. Rub hard on the extension and it should slide out with a slight tug. baby oil works really good. Don't focus so much on combing the glue out just apply the relaxer and the chemical should break the glue up. It's kind of tough trying to apply the relaxer and you may think you are loosing hair but all of my hair is always there when I get done.

How do you do a quick weave using bonding glue?

just part the hair, measure track, glue on,blowdry until everytin is done:)

How do you remove hair glue from a suede couch?

Im assuming that the hair glue has completely dried unfortunately u cant remove hair glue with any type of chemically that wont damage your couch...but you can try and use a tweezer and softly pick at the glue and see if it comes up that way... hair glue is one thing that is extremely hard to remove from any surface...hope this help! Good luck

How do you remove hair extension glue?

Go see a professional hair stylist or purchase a glue adhesive from your local beauty supply or Sally's.

Will olive oil remove hair glue?

It will remove some. I believe good shampoo will remove more.

What type of bonding occurs in glue?

Depends on which glue -Name your glue -

How can you remove hair extension glue out of clothing?

You can use 90% alcohol

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