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Remove fan blades...

Remove alternator

Remove water pump

Remove the timing cover.

Mark the location of the camshaft in relation to a spot on the engine block so you can line it up correctly.

Unbolt the Top Gear from the camshaft (DO NOT SPIN THE CAM).

remove the gear and the chain will come off with it.

Put the new chain around the cam gear, slide it onto the crank gear and then slide it back onto the camshaft (it's keyed and notched, so you should be able to line it up with your chalk mark.

scrape the block and sand down to the metal where the timing cover meets the block. do the same to the timing cover.

apply RTV sealant and get the new timing cover gasket, then put the cover back into place and replace the bolts...

Replace the water pump gasket using the same scraping / sanding / rtv method as above and install the water pump.

Install alternator and belt, tension the belt properly.

You should be good to go... You'll probably need to re-time the engine as the old chain I'm sure had some flex in it.

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Q: How to replaceTiming chain on olds 38l?
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