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Instrument Panel Removal

Dash Gauge Removal

The two trim pieces below the dash need to come out. Those would be the "plastic trim" pieces or where they would put them. Those just pop out, they are held in with steel spring clips, and you can't break them.

Behind that are two screws an 8mm socket will work on them. Pull the head light knob out and push in the steel spring clip holding it to the shaft of the knob to remove the knob. Then as the bezel comes out, unplug the fuel switch connector. Then you can remove the bezel.

Next is white backing plate. There are 6-8 screws holding that thing in and 3 of them are across the top of the cover that you want to clean. These take a 5.5mm ignition wrench to get the 2 screws out because they are in the upper corners that you can't get a socket on them at all. With the screws removed your ready for the next step that. If you have an automatic you will have to either take out the indcater " P R N D 2 1" either from the steering colum or from the instumant cluster.

The cover comes next. Be careful with the cover it is very fragile, any slight pressure and you'll crack it. It�s about $30.00 for a new one. Remove the cover and you'll be at the front face of the instrument panel. You can clean that too at this time. If you pull a couple more screws out the instrument panel comes out. Pull it out gently and remove the connector from the back. Light�s can now be replaced here by taking the back light holder�s and turning them 90 degrees. Lights can be purchased at NAPA for about $3.00 for 2 of them. Or about .75 each at the Ford Dealer. Just be very careful with that cover or you'll be ordering one.

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Q: How to replace dash light on 1993 Ford F150?
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